MUST READ: Flight of Pigeons

Published on May 27, 2006 12:33 PM IST
The Flight of Pigeons is a true story at a time when India had witnessed the ?Mutiny of 1857?.
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Flight of Pigeons
Ruskin Bond
Price — Rs 195
Publication — Penguin Books

This is one book where you will cherish every single page that you read. The Flight of Pigeons is a true story at a time when India was had witnessed the ‘Mutiny of 1857’.

But even as communal discord threatens to obliterate peaceful living, there are a few people who still abide by the morals of humanity and are rooted to their values. Ruskin Bond, in his simple yet powerful style relates an incident buried deep inside history books.

The story is a first-hand narration by Ruth Ladadoor, a beautiful young girl, who is brutally uprooted from her house at Shahjahanpur after witnessing her father’s near death outside a Church. Ruth along with her mother Miriam, a strong lady with a subtle charm are abducted by Javed Khan, a true pathan who is smitten by Ruth’s beauty.

The story progresses with the way the Labadoors’ struggle to free themselves from the mysterious ways of the world. After abduction, a whole year is spent in emotional turmoil for the Labadoors’ who on the one hand are treated with great affection and respect by Javed Khan’s family but are also in constant dread that the British rule might never get restored again.

Amidst this turmoil, Javed Khan expresses his bizarre desire to marry Ruth. But Miriam succeeds in keeping away her daughter from the vicious clutches of the pathaan.

Their trauma comes to an end when the British overpowers the ‘rebels’ as they are referred to throughout the story. The Labadoors’ reunite with their family and things get back to normal.

However, the memory of the trauma will remain ever so fresh in the minds of all. Indeed, a must read.

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