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Nobody's nation

More alcohol, and merrier time for date rapists. But in Britain the blame has shifted to women now, writes Priyanka Raizada.
PTI | By Priyanka Raizada, London
PUBLISHED ON JAN 29, 2005 07:32 PM IST

I have been noticing it since I came here to study. Britain just cannot get enough of our poverty-stricken India. Every time there is documentary about India, all that is portrayed is people dying of hunger, wearing torn clothes and their bodies covered with infection. Although this is true to some extent, such tragic lives do exist in India, but our country is nothing like Sudan or Somalia. Even in such poverty stricken areas not as many are dying of Aids or with malnutrition.

Like any other country, India has its problems. But in cities, most of us live a good comfortable life. This aspect of life fails to find a place in such documentaries about India. Ours is a country with the richest history in the world, yet we never hear about it. Never do they show youngsters going to college, the college life (which let me tell you is so much better than in the UK), the attitude and lifestyles of the youth, well groomed people etc. 
The west fails to realize that India is a vast country and it does have its pitfalls as a result. And, not to forget, our riches being taken away from us in the past, due to which we have become from being called the golden bird to third world country. 
On the other hand, we all know that Britain is a small country. Yet all that exists are downfalls. The youngest rapist in the country is only 12 years of age. Don't look surprised. It is true and there is more to come. The 12 year-old boy allegedly pinned his teacher down and raped her during a one-to-one teaching session. I wonder what did the boy think while he was committing the alleged act. The age for being pregnant in the UK has now gone down to 13 years. The only upside of this is that when your child is 13, you could be a 26 year-old young mother. 
The age for a murderer has also fallen to 16 years of age. A boy has recently been convicted of murdering his 16 year-old girlfriend. All this does sound depressing, so how about a drink in the pub? 
Figures show that four out of ten patients that come to hospitals by midnight are drunk. And yet the government is up for 24-hour opening of pubs. Yes, you will soon be able to walk into a pub at 6 in the morning and start drinking. I say good news for all the alcoholics here. They must be bowing down to Ms. Tessa Jowell and the Prime Minister.

More alcohol, and merrier time for date rapists. But here in Britain the blame has shifted to women now. You were ready to think that only children are on the low, women are going down as well. Now women are date rapists. Recently, a woman was convicted of mixing men's' drinks, taking them to her apartment and stealing their jewellery to support her child and husband. Where women in India would do anything like this to stand by their families during difficult times, I have seldom heard a woman sinking so low. 

I am also amazed at most of the country revolting against their own Prime Minister to such an extent that every odd day we read about his alleged misdemeanour and the damage he is inflicting on Britain. So do we expect about a country where the figure for drunks is growing and all adult acts are performed by children, ranging from murder to rape to teenage pregnancy, a documentary titled "Britain - Nobody's Nation".

(The writer is a student of the College of Law, London)

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