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Oops! my top

When Deepika narrowly escaped wardrobe malfunction!
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PUBLISHED ON JAN 27, 2007 04:38 PM IST

Wardrobe Malfunction is as much an occupational hazard for Deepika Padukone as for any other model, as she recalls the close call once, during one of her college fashion shows.

Had she not stopped on the ramp and pulled up her top, she would have had the worst wardrobe malfunction ever in her life.

Says the glam doll: "In one of my college fashion shows, I had to sashay down the ramp with a tight fitting tube top. I wore it for the first time in my life and didn’t realize that my body was too slippery to hold the top, as I had applied lots of body oil."

"When I started to walk on the ramp, I felt my top slipping down slowly. I kept walking and it continued coming down. There was no way out with spectators all around. So, by the time I reached at the front, I felt the need to adjust it, otherwise it would have embarrassed me. So, I stopped for a while and adjusted it in front of hundreds of people."

She never forgets this experience and has become quite conscious of taking care of even minor details before walking on the ramp to avoid repetition of such episode. "One doesn’t have time to look down or up. One has to concentrate on oneself rather than anything else. I feel, such incidents can cause disaster for one’s career."

Few would know that the ace model's first love was badminton because of her father's phenomenal success in the field, but later on, she found the fashion world more engrossing and challenging than any other career.

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