PDP proposes separate assemblies for 3 J&K

PDP's Self-Rule document proposes three legislative assemblies for each of the three regions - Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir.

india Updated: May 16, 2007 12:38 IST
Arun Joshi

Peoples Democratic Party's soon - to - be - released Self-Rule document proposes three legislative assemblies for each of the three regions - Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir- of this Himalayan state.

The PDP — cheer leader of the devolution of powers to the regional basis — somewhat on the lines of the self-governance formula of President Pervez Musharraf' of Pakistan — in its self rule document has also proposed an overarching assembly at the state level, with Chief Minister to be elected from the region having maximum number of seats — the Kashmir valley.

Party's patron and former chief minister Mufti Sayeed declared at a public rally in Bandipore Monday that party would soon make its self-rule document public.

The party functionaries, who have worked on the document, told Hindustan Times that a copy of the document will be first given to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and thereafter circulated among the people of all the three regions - in English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

As a balance of power formula, the self-rule is pitching for an elected governor from on rotational basis from three regions. The party is against the nominated governors by the Centre.

It also makes it plain that only those central laws would be extended to the state, which would be deemed good for the people of the State.

While legal and constitutional inputs have been carefully chosen by former Deputy Chief Minister Muzzaffar Hussain Baig, it's economic, and the most vital components of political economy have been formulated by former minister Ghulam Hassan Mir.

The party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has linked it to the internal and external dimensions of the Kashmir problem.

Mufti Sayeed said that "self-rule lays out the broad roadmap for amicable and ultimate settlement of the Kashmir issue"

He said: "The Self Rule, when implemented fully, would not only address the basic grievances and aspirations of the people of the State, but would also outline the incentives and instruments for resolving, both the internal and external dimensions of the issue."

"PDP's Self-Rule proposal, besides taking care of the political and constitutional concerns of the people of the State, also accords highest priority to economic rejuvenation of Jammu and Kashmir in proportion to the legendary place it has in the South Asian region as a medieval business hub. He said the most striking feature of the Self Rule is its emphasis on a space of dignity and opportunity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir in the South Asian region free from friction and feud"

The document also stresses on the economic integration of two parts of the Jammu and Kashmir which, PDP believes, can lay foundation for the success of the South Asian Free Trade Agreement across the entire South Asian region. It focuses on the state's rich resources and enterprise of the people.

But, in all its essence, it has the imprint of Pervez Musharraf's self governance formula, which, it acknowledges is the best solution of Kashmir crisis."

First Published: May 16, 2007 12:31 IST