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Personal choice

Indrajit Hazra in 'We are not asking for it' (October 31), has hit the nail on the head: women not in niqab are not asking for it.

india Updated: Nov 01, 2006 00:14 IST

Indrajit Hazra in We are not asking for it (October 31), has hit the nail on the head: women not in niqab are not asking for it. Should the scriptures be followed in toto even when they mandate something patently unequal or undignified? When they make no allowances for a multi-cultural environment? When they advocate static adherence to a rigid code in a dynamic environment? Is religion necessarily an all or nothing concept?

Sudha Mahalingam, Delhi


Wearing a veil is indeed a matter of personal choice. But the language used by Imam Bukhari against Shabana Azmi is in bad taste.

RJ Khurana,Bhopal

Handle strategically

The editorial Subcontinent adrift (October 31) carries timely warning for the government. At a time when Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are in political turmoil, we must take care that their problems do not seep into our borders. With a seasoned politician like Pranab Mukherjee in the MEA, we hope for better coordination and strategy in this respect.

Shariq Alavi, Lucknow

Stop officers’ exit

With reference to Neelesh Misra’s report Defence forces lose over 2,000 officers (October 30), it is deeply disturbing that hundreds of officers have quit the defence forces during the past five years. This is a loss of highly trained and disciplined manpower in an area that has a bearing on our nation’s security. What makes it more worrisome is the already substantial shortage of officers in the army. Why is our talented youth not keen to join or continue serving in the armed forces? What is the government doing about it?

SC Kapoor, Noida

Senseless opinion

The media deserve to be lauded for their positive role in the Mattoo case. But I wonder why there is no action against Santosh Singh’s father, who has been influencing the course of the investigation in order to save his son?

Ranjana Manchanda,via e-mail

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First Published: Nov 01, 2006 00:14 IST