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Positive attitude yield results

Feng Shui is a matter of faith and it works magically for people who have positive attitude in life, writes Mohan Deep in his column.

india Updated: Oct 26, 2005 17:59 IST
Mohan Deep
Mohan Deep

Since quite some time, whenever I receive an e-mail that expresses gratitude for my Feng Shui advice, I move it to a folder I have labeled TGFSM. And I have noticed that Feng Shui works magically for people with a positive attitude. Here is a note I received last year, from Valerie who lives in London, a month after Feng Shui consultation and implementing changes.

An unusual calm has descended on my house. I am at peace with myself. And I feel energy around me. My children are studying energetically and I am sure that will bring good results though I am not the one to push them too hard. My husband Fredric seems more positive in outlook after the change in the position of his desk and I am happy. I am happy with myself at the place of my work and at home. I wish you had personally visited our London house but that wasn't to be.

She had sent me some pictures of the interior of her house, along with the floor plan, a practice I encourage. I always believe that a personal visit to the premises by the master is better - and shows better results - than taking a look at the floor plan or a badly drawn diagram. During a personal visit, not only does one see the ambience - the presence or absence of clutter, for instance - but one also senses the negative energy, hostility and any undercurrent of conflict among the inmates. If it is not possible to personally visit the premises (amateur students of Feng Shui refer to it as the `audit`) the best thing is to get some pictures along with the floor plan. Each picture tells me a story.

What struck me immediately was the mess in her house. It was to her credit that she had not pushed it under the carpet like most people do when some guests are arriving. The doors of both the bedrooms wouldn't open fully due to the clothes hung behind them. The study desks of both the children were cluttered. Even the computer table was in a mess. And I could only imagine how overstuffed their wardrobes would be! The kitchen looked like a wreck with the sink piled with dirty dishes. And of course, a sight, most common in middle class houses, of the micro-oven placed sat comfortably above the refrigerator! The lofts of the kitchen, as well as above the toilets and bathroom, were overstuffed with wood, tiles and other remnants of the renovation done in the house - I was to learn later - four years before!

Besides the regular Feng Shui suggestions that I give to reduce the clash of the elements, I gave her a long sermon which I have reserved for such housekeepers. Junk and clutter around you attracts negative energy. The Chinese call it Sha and they believe that it brings bad luck to the areas it occupies. I have seen it happening again and again. In the bedroom, it affects your love life, and in the Career sector it stunts your growth. Negative energy that surrounds the study desk of a student pushes him away from the desk and a messy kitchen never produces an appetizing meal.

It was only after Valerie cleared up the entire mess and destroyed the negative energy as I instructed her, that she heaved a sigh of relief and felt that a calm has descended on her house, as indeed, it had happened. My Feng Shui paintings and the other products work well in a clutter-free ambience that has been freed from negative energy.

A golden dragon, that I suggested for the Helpful Friends sector made her feel as if friends were emerging from the oddest places! And how precious are Helpful Friends in a world where an enemy in every dark corner, lurks ready to stab you. Valerie's family had antagonized a neighbour who had good contacts with the local cops. The police had been harassing them because someone (perhaps this very neighbour) had informed them of an illegal immigrant working in Valerie's store. Within days of the installation of the golden dragon, Valerie came in contact with the mayor's deputy (or a deputy mayor) and her troubles were sorted out within hours.

Her husband was looking for someone to finance a project to produce a gadget that, till then, was being described as `bird-brained idea` and `too impractical`. He had lost all hope and had stopped trying to market or to get finance for his project, when Valerie looked for solutions in Feng Shui.

Fredric telephoned me when the miracle happened!

Sir, I must confess that I was skeptical about Feng Shui when Valerie consulted you but soon after the store incident, I got favourable results in my project. I am not free to divulge all the details, but I can say that my troubles are over. I have got the kind of support I was seeking for my project and I have already received a part of the money along an agreement that I signed after consulting my lawyer," Fredric informed me. As an afterthought, he added, "You didn't give us the talisman for education for my children at that time. I am buying two of them online today.

Valerie and Fredric live happily along with their two children in a well-maintained, clean, clutter-free house in London, and are delighted enough to invite me to visit their London house! It is an invitation that I have added to other invitations to visit Hong Kong, Singapore, New Jersey and New York as well as New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Udwada, Kodaikanal, Udaipur and Goa all of them in India. Looks like I am going to travel a little more during next few months!

P.S. TGFSM is the abbreviation for Thank God 4 Feng Shui Miracle.

(FengShui Master Mohan Deep, one of the top Feng Shui consultants in the world, is based in Mumbai, India. For more information you may visithttp://www.fengshuimiracle.comor write to him Office: 91-22-56997992. Fax: 91-22-26350503 Cell: 9820199378.Address: 222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053.)

First Published: Oct 26, 2005 00:00 IST