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Priyanka Chopra chat

Being a Miss World comes with an advantage - one is talked about long before proving one's worth. Priyanka Chopra fits the bill. But with the surprise success of her second film, Andaaz, she is on cloud nine. Dubbed as a bimbo, she has notched up an impressive array of films. Read the transcript of a chat with her on July 30.
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UPDATED ON SEP 03, 2003 04:32 PM IST

laughingbuddha: Priyanka, if you hadn't been an actress what would you have been?
Priyanka_Chopra: I had aspirations to become an engineer before getting into modelling. If I weren't an actress, I would have been into modelling.

shobha: Who is your favorite actor?
Priyanka_Chopra: Shah Rukh Khan

laughingbuddha: What is it about Shah Rukh that you like so much?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think he is a great actor. He has come a long way since his Fauji and Circus days and that too without any godfather in the industry.

laughingbuddha: Is it true your father sings (badly, at that!) and is in the habit of making a nuisance of himself in front of directors and producers?
Priyanka_Chopra: It's not true. He is a good singer and he will be coming out with an album of his own soon.

sardul: Have you taken any formal training in acting? You did very well in Andaaz.
Priyanka_Chopra: I acted in theatre while in school. Thank you for liking me in Andaaz.

sajithraman: Do you think your first movie gave you a chance to bring out the actress in you?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think so. When you choose your first movie, you try to choose the one that you think will do well. The Hero had a good cast and a very good storyline, and my role was appreciated.

career21: What kind of a relation do you share with Lara Datta? It has been reported that you two don't get along.
Priyanka_Chopra: Lara and I have been good friends since our modelling days. I think we get along fairly well.

sajithraman: Do you really think the story line of Andaaz  was good?
Priyanka_Chopra: Yes

laughingbuddha: Are you okay about smooching on screen?
Priyanka_Chopra: I don't mind it. It has to go with my character and not just there for the sake of it.

ankurk: What's the reason we are not sending any more 'Priyankas' to beauty pageants? Don't you think its time we won another one?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think the competition is quite tough. One has to keep trying.

laughingbuddha: Whom would like to smooch... Sunny Deol, Manoj Bajpai or Chandrachur Singh?
Priyanka_Chopra: Depends on the script, director and the role I am playing.

palipunjabda: Now that you are an established star what would be your dream role?
Priyanka_Chopra: I think a role like Umrao Jaan. That's once in a lifetime role for any actor.

ididnotgetagoodid: Whom would you date - the funniest man in the world, the most good-looking guy or the most sensitive man in the world?
Priyanka_Chopra: A combination of all the three, I guess.

zuzupus: I appreciate the fact that a model like you can act as well.
Priyanka_Chopra: Thank you!

ankurk: Is it true what some celebrities say that they were much happier when they were not a celebrity?
Priyanka_Chopra: Happiness is within oneself to seek.

profiler: What do you think of Akshay Kumar as an actor and as a person and do you have any project with him in the future?
Priyanka_Chopra: Akshay is a great actor and he is very cool and fun to work with. I will be working with him in a Feroz Nadiawala film.

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