Priyanka Chopra's new year bash

The actress is all set to perform with singer Nelly Furtado for a new year's eve show, writes Hiren Kotwani.

india Updated: Dec 13, 2006 12:32 IST

Priyanka Chopra is working very hard these days.

Not that she doesn’t otherwise, but this month is even more hectic as she currently shooting with Harman Baweja for the futuristic Love Story 2050, and she has agreed to perform with international pop star Nelly Furtado for a New Year’s eve show.

“The organisers called me, saying they wanted someone well known to perform at the show with Nelly and Josh. I heard the concept, thought it was good, and agreed to do it,” she says.

Chopra, who is already practicing her act, will be “performing to a compilation of some hit songs from my films. I’ve been rehearsing with choreographer Terence Lewis for four hours daily since the last few days,” she says. So is it all work and no play for her on December 31?

“After the show, I’ll bring in the New Year with my family and close friends, though we’ve not yet decided on the final plan.” Before the performance, she will be traveling to Prague, Czech Republic, to join the shoot of Goldie Behl’s Drona, in which Abhishek Bachchan plays a prince.

She denies that she’s essaying a princess in the hyper-real fantasy thriller, but admits, “I’ve trained in an Indian form of martial arts so I’ll be doing a good amount of action in the film that it’s an Indian form.” She admits that she’s already shivering at the thought of winter in Prague.

Ask her if she’s doing any action in Love Story 2050 too, and she says, “No, Harman is taking care of all the action. But I’ll be playing two different roles in the film — one contemporary and one of the future.” The New Year will begin with a new release — Nikhil Advani’s Salaam-e-Ishq — in which Chopra plays an actor and Salman Khan’s love interest.

“It’s an interesting track with some very touching moments. Nikhil’s treatment is nothing short of brilliant. The way he has handled the six love stories reflects his sensibilities and maturity as a person. Before the narration had completed, I knew I had to do the film,” she gushes, adding, “I’m eagerly looking forward to it.”

First Published: Dec 13, 2006 12:32 IST