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Priyanka to celebrate birthday after years

The glamorous actress, who is turning 25 on July 18 this year, is planning to throw a party for her family and close friends.
IANS | By Subhash K Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 13, 2007 11:56 AM IST

Priyanka Chopra, the current flavour of Bollywood, turns 25 on July 18 and this year, for the first time, she is planning to throw a party for her family and close friends.

This is the first time the actress is throwing a party on her birthday since she has joined Bollywood.

"That's true. I've never had any kind of party ever since I came into this industry. Friends keep teasing me about it. I'm not a party person. Believe it or not, I'm shy of crowds. Also, the past few years have hardly given me reason to feel like celebrating," says Priyanka, whose voice gets distant as she recalls her father's serious illness.

"Yeah, I'm having a birthday party for the first time. Not a huge one. Just 40-50 close friends and family. That's all.

"I can't believe how much time has passed. I'm suddenly feeling old. Seriously. Professionally, I've no reason to complain. At home we've gone through some turbulent times. Hopefully, we're out of it," she said.

Priyanka's brother Siddharth also turns a year older this week.

"My brother Siddharth celebrates his birthday on July 12 while my birthday is six days later," Priyanka told IANS.

So will there be a joint celebration for the Chopra siblings?

"I'd love to have one. But Siddharth is turning 18 and he wants to bring in his birthday in a big way with his friends. So he will have a big party of his own."

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