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Rangeela babe on manhunt!

She is single and really desperate to mingle! Urmila Matondkar is sick of of answering queries related to her single status.'I am still the sexiest'Oops! Urmila forgets her name
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PUBLISHED ON OCT 27, 2006 05:36 PM IST

She is single and really desperate to mingle! Rangeela babe Urmila Matondkar is sick of of answering queries related to her single status. So, now the lady is on hard-core manhunt...literally.

'My friends can't be lovers!'
"See, I have lots of friends and colleagues. But unfortunately some of them are married, some are engaged and some are gay. Now whom should I get married to? I don't want to take this blame of breaking anyone's house. I can't even think of it. Neither do I want to marry a gay. Though I don't have any personal problem with my company yet I am left with no choice," complains Matondkar.

No boyfriend leads to embarrassment!
"Also I find it very difficult to answer when I am asked why I am single yet. I don't have any reason except this that I don't have any boyfriend and I am looking for someone. It's quite embarrassing. When one has to face this kind of a

Single dilemma for the Rangeela gal

situation, one feels helpless about oneself. In these situations, I wish I had a man in my life. Otherwise I have no problem with my single status. I enjoy it. It's only that at some point of time you feel that it's enough and now you should have someone," says Urmila.

'I am a hard nut to crack'
Besides all this Urmila's own personality is also to blame for her single status because she admits that she is so rigid that it deters an average person to approach her. This is how she puts it: "People who form an opinion according to my image on big screen and feel scared about approaching me, I think they deserve to be avoided. They are seriously wrong. It's better that such people should not come to propose me, otherwise they will have to face a tough time. In fact I am a very hard nut to crack!"

Now after knowing this, do you dare to crack this cookie?

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