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Returning to power center

Feng Shui for business is often used to increase the profits but not many use it to get the power sector back.
PTI | By Mohan Deep
UPDATED ON FEB 14, 2005 01:16 PM IST

Feng Shui for business is often used to increase the profits but not many employ it to wrest the power sector back, curb the office politics, inter-office rivalry and even to get back the wife’s loyalty.

Employing Feng Shui for such a tall order is not easy and I am rather proud of this case.

I remember this telephone conversation as it is not every day that you get a call from a reasonably famous boss of an organisation who says, “I am so depressed that I feel like killing myself.”

In an earlier article, I mentioned him in passing. Here are the gory details without disclosing the identities of the main characters. I cannot disclose the true business of this export company (it is ruled by Wood element, though) this man is 'the Chairman of this company'. The scale of business is pretty big.

Reassured, he began, I have lost hold over the set up. My subordinates must be laughing behind my back. The root cause is one of the directors who is a bit of show-off and is considered a wheeler-dealer. He brought in some major orders during the last three years and we did credit him with the success.

"Unfortunately, my wife – who is also the director of the company – is having an affair with him."

"Are you sure…? Often, such suspicions are baseless." I asked him.

"I am not being suspicious. I have kept a close watch on her movements, mobile and e-mail account. I have enough evidence to get a divorce. But divorce will be a messy affair since all three of us are in the same company. I want to get rid of this man and I want my wife back. But more important, I want the set up in my control. I want to be in power position," he said.

As I had expected, 'the other man' was located in the power sector! The Chairman was sitting in the sectors one describes as 'Family and Elders', and worse, this part was incomplete! As I looked around, I also noticed two metal statues of soldier with spears in their hands.

The two symbols of protection were causing the damage. The ruling element of this sector is Wood. So is the element of this business. Placing a metal statue, especially like this, seemed to have caused the havoc. (Note: This doesn’t mean that anyone who has these popular metal statues should get rid of them. At the right place, these two can be very positive influences to protect.)

I also noticed a toilet in the 'Helpful Friends' corner. Not surprisingly, the subordinates were 'unhelpful' and everyone was playing games. The situation was difficult as it wasn’t possible for him to 'oust' his rival from his cabin.

“Can you casually acquire five paintings and place one in each cabin under one or the other pretext?” I asked.

“This might be possible,” he said but added, “But not if the paintings are of the Dragons or Waterfalls…They all will come to know that I have consulted you.”

“Suppose I gave you two identical paintings, one for your cabin and another for his?” I asked.

“That can be okay… but how will the same painting weaken his position and strengthen mine?”

“Because the sector he is occupying is ruled by Earth element and the sector you are sitting in is ruled by Wood element… my painting will represent Wood and Water… but let’s not go into the details,” I told him.

I made a subtle blend of the two elements.

Less than six months later, we saw the success of these Feng Shui changes…and how! The rival was 'discovered' siphoning out company funds by floating a front company getting the brokerage for the orders he had brought in. It is interesting to note that this 'discovery' was not made by the Chairman but during internal audit supervised by another over-enthusiastic director of the company.

Ejecting him out was not difficult after this.
“I didn’t have to confront my wife with evidence of her infidelity. As he lost face she lost interest in him and in fact became more hostile to him than all of us put together,” the Chairman beamed and added, “I have had a high since this happened. Only one request, please never disclose our identities to anyone. Consider this to be a closed chapter.”

But 'closed chapters' make interesting readings even if one doesn’t mention the names.

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