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Saif refers to Shahid as Jab We Met actor

During his conversation with Imtiaz Ali recently, some talk of Shahi cropped up. But since Saif didn’t want to utter this Mr Kapoor’s name, Khan referred to him as ‘that Jab We Met actor’.

india Updated: Apr 14, 2009 20:42 IST
Hindustan Times

Under Honey's HatUnder Honey's Hat

What’s in a name?

Morning my malai koftas and koftis! I’ve so much sensational and spicy khabar for you today that I’ve no time to waste talking about the weekend gone by. So let me get straight to the point..

For starters, we’ve heard of rival actresses calling each other names.. but that seems to have become passé now.. thanks to the rivalry between some actors reaching new heights. Doesn’t matter if the two actors concerned are from different generations, so to speak.. like in the case of Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

Yeah, it’s a commonly known fact that Saifu has no love lost for Shahi.., so much so that he doesn’t even want to be heard mentioning his name. Nah, he doesn’t have any name for the Kapoor lad either. The Chotta Nawab is too royal to indulge in name-calling and all that.

So how does he refer to Shahi when he comes up during the course of conversation? Simple, Khan refers to him as so-and-so movie’s actor. I’m told that during his conversation with Imtiaz Ali recently, some talk of Shahi cropped up. But since he didn’t want to utter this Mr Kapoor’s name, Khan referred to him as ‘that Jab We Met actor’.

Dunno if director Ali was surprised or amused.. but I certainly am not. Yeh kya baat hui bhala, huh?

Speed thrills
From one Khan to another, seems this one continues to believe in speed after all. I’m talking about Salman Khan, who my birdy from Bandra spotted zipping, zapping and zooming on his hi-end mobike along Carter Road late Saturday evening.

Coming in from Khar Danda, Sallu seemed to be in a hurry as he headed towards Joggers’ Park. I’m told he wasn’t even wearing a helmet as a safety measure!

Thankfully, sighs my birdy, she managed to shoot a quick video of Sallu’s riding skills before he sped off, disappearing into the lane that would lead him to his home.

For all his hurry in other things, Sallu just doesn’t seem to be showing any hurry in learning from past mistakes. Or shouldn’t I say anything about his slow learning skills?

Jet set vote
Tell you what my dahlings, it’s a good thing to know that apne movie town folks are suddenly becoming more and more conscious as citizens of the country. Like I’m maha impressed to know that ever star worth his take is eagerly looking forward to polling day.

Apni Preity Zinta is no different either.. even though she’s already in South Africa now.. encouraging her Kings XI Punjab cricket team to play well and win every match at the forthcoming Indian Premiere League.

What is surprising and impressive is that the Zinta babe will be flying back to town just for a day.. on April 30, to cast her vote and then return to support her team. “There’s no way I’ll miss exercising my vote this time,” she’s believed to have asserted to her friends.

Zintabad! That’s the way to go gal.

Take one
Oi oi.. if I talk about Saif Ali Khan, how can I forget his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor? As if by coincidence, a mynah has now stopped by to rave about Kareena’s histrionics. Seems she was flying over Madh Island the other day when she spotted some shooting in progress.

Turned out that Bebo was shooting an intensely emotional sequence for 3 Idiots.. and after a couple of rehearsals, gave a perfect shot in just one take. So much so that she had the entire unit spellbound by her performance.. and it took a few seconds before director Rajkumar Hirani called ‘Okay, cut it!’

A dekko on the monitor and Hirani bhai felt Bebo had surpassed herself and his expectations from her, says my mynah, adding that the nirdeshak just couldn’t stop going ‘Fantastic.. fabulous.. mind-blowing..’ about her histrionics. Hmm, chalo, badhiya hai!

Water woes
Aah, how could my day end without Madhu my Mottu Maid adding her own two bits? No wonder she’s here, waiting to give me a tiddy-bitty on how Emraan Hashmi’s eye infection proved to be a little too expensive for Tum Mile, his next movie with uncle producer Mukesh Bhatt.

Since the film, also featuring Soha Ali Khan, is set against the backdrop of the July 26, 2005 floods.. the water was aggravating Hashmi’s eye problem. And he couldn’t take any days off as that would increase expenditure by way of studio rent and daily wages of the unitwalas.

So Bhatt, who is otherwise known to spend very wisely and cautiously in his productions, ordered a tanker full of mineral water.. so it didn’t add to bhanja Emraan’s woes.. and they could wrap up the shoot in time.

And you know what, they even saved a considerable amount than if they had to let Emraan take a couple of days to recover, exclaims Mots. As if she has a stake in the production house. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Apr 14, 2009 18:49 IST