Scorpio gears up to challenge
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Scorpio gears up to challenge

Ma Prem Usha turns the card for those born under the sun sign Scorpio and provides the guidelines for the year 2004.

india Updated: Jan 21, 2004 12:46 IST

‘Death’ in the Tarot pack signifies the Scorpio sun sign. Its attributes are
transformation, unexpected change, also apparent death or destruction that is illusory when viewed from a higher perspective. This card expresses qualities of intensity, mysticism, determination, deep emotion and creativity that the Scorpio is blessed with.

Physically Invigorating
Physically The Chariot takes you forward through professional, personal and attitudinal changes in 2004. You have the courage to handle unexpected happenings and be tested in all kinds of situations. Two important journeys are on the cards; one in June-July and the other at the end of the year when you travel overseas or to a fascinating destination. You consider a residential move. Your physical energy and health improve as you renew fitness routines and diet programs. Spending time in natural surroundings is rejuvenating. You participate in a spiritual, Yoga or healing program that is beneficial.

You are a perfectionist with systems of your own and can be stubborn about changing them. You don’t like others messing with them either. You are aesthetic with a graceful and elegant bearing that attracts some interesting people.

You decide to do what is good for you and to wear what pleases you rather than conform to expectations. Freedom and simplicity can be the key points of your garments and fashion statements.

Mental Stimulation
Your intelligent mind instigates progressive changes and breakthroughs this year. You are individualistic, creative and brilliant while achieving professional goals and targets. Creative opportunities, business projects and important people start gravitating towards you. Take time out before heading for the next goal by putting things in perspective and sustaining your position of authority.

There is a difference in approach to work and attitude towards people this year. You enjoy work rather than make it a heavy-duty exercise and become more patient and less demanding of others. You are a light unto yourself and guide others in professional aspects as a consultant and advisor. You make important decisions with your wisdom and prudence in August-September.

You complete professional assignments and difficult business projects by getting past destructive forces and blocks. One cycle of strife and difficulty is over and you make new beginnings in 2004. A new vision and fresh approach to the same old problems is gainful. Intuition, wisdom and balanced perspectives take you swiftly towards success.

Emotionally Satisfying
Emotionally you are total in relationships and focused in professional situations. You take responsibility and play the role of the father figure as family members look to you for good counsel. Children do you proud. You are sensitive to atmosphere and intuitive about people. You make important choices and decisions regarding personal relationships in August-September.

If you have a loving relationship then a commitment or marriage is on the cards! If you are already in a marriage or relationship you rejuvenate it with tender, loving care.

You are family oriented and supportive yet individualistic and freedom loving. You tie up loose ends, complete unfinished business and put negative aspects and relationships behind you. You socialise extensively and take a summer vacation with close friends and family.

Spiritual Growth
Spiritually a positive and creative approach brings success, freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Inner relaxation and transformation brings changes in material, personal and professional affairs. It is best to flow into inner and outer change with acceptance and ease. When you swim with the river of life it takes you in the right direction without much struggle or difficulty.

Meditation and spiritual pursuit are elevating! Trust your intuition regarding any aspect of life. You are able to handle unexpected happenings and events. Your meditative and creative energy transforms the quality of your being and your work that brings joy to you and to others. You counsel others but make your own decisions by listening to your inner voice and wisdom.

 Spiritual message: Remember, God is not unkind and not merciless. The truth is, it is his kindness that he gives you tests. And the harder the test he gives, the happier you will be – giving thanks, because he is putting great faith in you, says Osho, the Zen master.

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First Published: Jan 21, 2004 00:00 IST