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Seven Angels of the Earth

I am sure you all remember the horrific sight of the spacecraft Columbia go up in flames along with seven humans...

india Updated: Feb 04, 2004 16:01 IST

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The 1st of February marked the anniversary of the Earth's Seven Angels, who represented seven different religious and cultural races, burn together over the planet, to show to the world at large that all souls of all races, travelling through inter stellar space, are one in the Unified Light of the Creator Soul!

I am sure you all remember the horrific sight of the spacecraft Columbia go up in flames along with seven humans, who chose this powerful experiential method of bringing humans of all races together, in a tragedy like this. Seven souls were whisked away together into the Everlasting Light of our Creator, as their souls consciously gave assent for this destruction of their human bodies, in unison.

The life force within each one of them instantly communicated with each other to act out this so-called tragedy, to remind the Earth, and the United States of America, in particular, that all world peoples are One. Whether this lesson will be understood by humanity at large will unfold shortly.

The most important thing they demonstrated was that each one of them came from a so-called trouble spot of the planet. The astronaut from Israel, the scientist from India, the other woman astronaut representing the whole race of the Divine Feminine Energy formed the inner circle of this experiment. The four others took their position outside these three to balance this grand experience. And Seven Angels merged into the Light through the enormous ball of fire which engulfed them.

As we know, fire is the one element that purifies without allowing a single atom of dross to remain. And these Seven Angels used the Fire Element to demonstrate this purification of the world's peoples, through Fire. No fear would have penetrated their souls as they made their final decision to merge backwards into the Light, for it is always an 'Enlightened' decision that any soul can make. They demonstrated that as the people would look upwards towards this final act of merging of seven races, they would feel, at the cellular level, a strong bond of love for all humanity.

In that definitive moment, when the final heartbeat of all seven was the last bell tolled together, they hoped that all humanity would look at this act, not as a science fiction horror, but as an act of unified love. It was prayed that we would find the true meaning in all of this. They took their greatest moment of their human lives to give us this gift.

It was as Kirael, the Great Master, has channeled about the purpose of these Seven Angels: "We collectively are the unified Light of all existence and in that we came together to remind the world to find peace within. We stood in a united force of light to demonstrate that all levels of life need to come together. May we be remembered in your hearts as the Light that did it all. Let the world know that is what took place."

Let us not allow their sacrifice to be made in vain!

First Published: Feb 04, 2004 16:01 IST