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Should India call off the tour? Read what our surfers say...

Should India call off the tour? Read what our surfers say...

india Updated: Jan 08, 2008 00:37 IST
Hindustan Times

Anurag Misra From Lucknow ( says
Yes, India should call off the Australian tour.

Jack Patterson From Australia says
Aussie cricket team has become a bunch of rude and arrogant blokes. I am disappointed by the behaviour of Ponting, Symonds and the rest of the crew. Ponting should quit as captain, and the entire team owes Team India an apology, failing which India should abandon the tour. Where's the sportsmanship - back in the day we had cricketers who would walk away from the crease when they knew they were out, and wouldn't even wait for the umpire's decision.

Vinod Chowdhry From Canada
India should come back from Australia. The ignominy of racism blamed on Harbhajan is unacceptable. BCCI should put its foot down and bear the loss due to the imposition of a fine. Australians need to be taught a lesson on their arrogance.

Kamal Agnihotri From Aligarh ( says
Indian Team should cancel the tour and return back. There is no reason for us to lick their shoes.

Vipul Seth From Delhi says
India should call of the tour after this shameless display of 'sportsmanship' by the Australian team.

Siddhanta Singh From Faridabad ( says
I strongly feel that the Indian team should call off the tour in strong protest of the happenings in the Sydney Test.

Jagadish Thosecan From United Kingdom says
Yes! I know the politicians will not like it but for the sake of cricket and to teach the arrogant Aussies a lesson we should call it off. Is anyone from CA giving an assurance that the same will not repeat on going forward. Forget the racial slur incident, let someone say that Procter or the umpires will be unbiased. Aussies have done their homework to perfection, all this was preplanned.

Rajan Joshi From United Kingdom




India should pull back without any further delay, it's a disgrace to India to stay on Australian soil.

Hemant Naphade From Kolkata (

) says

In the best interest of the game, the Indian team should not call off the tour. Indian team should definitely protest against all the wrong doings in writing to the ICC. Only way to respond is to win the other two Test matches and answer back to their arrogance.

Viji SarmaFrom Chennai says
Injustice borne is injustice met. It is a crime to suffer injustice as much as to commit it.

kishore Kumar Doddakula From Canada ( says
India should quit just 2 bring the whole issue 2 the forefront and 2 show that cheaters cannot get away this is bullying of a sort.

Vengrai Partha Sarathy From Chennai ( says
What the BBCI should is to ask for keeping the suspension in abeyance till the last Test is over. That is the only way to head off Australia's attempt to keep off Bhaiji whose performance with the ball is becoming a head ache for them. He is their bete noire and they want him out of the way.

Suresh Murthy From Bangalore ( says
We don't need to be on "sporting" terms with a team that can stoop to conquer and that values winning over human nature. Come back home!

Navneet Narula From Delhi ( says
It is great shame to the game of the cricket if these thing happens. India should call off the tour immediately. Board has enough money to pay the fine if at all is payble on calling off the tour. Country's pride should be on top rather than saving the fine money.

Ankush Hallan From Hyderabad ( says
I really think the Indian team should be called back home. Indians are not racist and making such a statement against and Indian player is totally unacceptable.

Viswanathan Singanallur From Poland says
It is high time the government steps in and do not leave it to Sharad Pawar and Shukla. It is no more cricket. Recall the ambassodor and the cricket team. Are you listening Mr Manmohan Singh. It is pure racisim.Do we have any more honour and respect left?

Ankit Patel From Vadodara ( says
I think, if BCCI has any shame and honour left for our country, it should not only immediately call off the Australian tour but also gain support from other national cricket boards to get the second Test win to Australia refuted. Their triumph was totally shameful and was not at any level an international one!

Sanjay Sharma From United States of America ( says
Please come back home for heavens sake. Australian cricket team is not playing cricket! nor are the umpires doing their job.

Rachna Sachdev From United States of America ( says
Call off the tour now, don't wait for a apology.

Manish Sachdev From United States of America ( says
We can't stand racism, we Indian have fought for our right for the last 200+ yrs against racism. We should just quit this tour immediately and not wait for the ICC to revoke the ban.

Subash Chandran From Palakkad ( says
India should immediately put off the tour and return. They have questioned the whole Indians on their honesty. They cheated all Indians. Team India - be true Indians, please come back. We as a nation support you.

Palaniappan Saravanan From United Kingdom




The Australians have got off the hook for far too long and far too much. They are the ones who have been racist and abusive and it is very very surprising that they have been pretending to be the victims. It is time to teach them who is the boss in the current world.

Prasad V From United States of America ( says
Indians were targeted by the australian team even before the tour started, if u recall what Symonds said "it will not be an easy tour for Indians in Australia"even before they played last match in Mumbai during their last visit to India. They also had the help of umpires to finish the victory. Better we call off the tour and come home to show the world to protest against the unjust.

Hari Anant Gokhale From Ahmadnagar ( says
This is the right time to deal with this business of sledging. I can not imagine people of Kumble and Sachin's stature being called Bastards. Try and use this word in Mumbai local - you will be thrown out of a running train. Aussies are worse than street bullies and taporis and have to be taught to behave and all cricket playing nations have to come together to put them in their place. There is just no way can anybody abuse and get away.

Amit Mishra From Gurgaon ( says
India should immediately return as it is a matter of self esteem,respect and honour

Riaz Zulfikar From Australia says
No, India should not return back, they should play as a team and win in style.

Ashwin Kunde From United States of America says
Yes, call off the tour. We got to teach them a lesson. I would say to an extent nullify the Sydney Test match because of incompetent umpires.

Omprakash Meena From Jaipur ( says
India should definetly come back from a ridculuous Australian land.

Saul Deane From United Kingdom ( says
Of course it shouldn't , it will turn all the focus on India being petulant rather than the real issue's of bad judging, sportsmanship and racism in sport.

Sandeep Maken From Bhatinda




Wake up! Mike Proctor was born brought & played for apartheid SA ! Has banned latif for same offence Ponting has done! Steve bucknor taunt to Dravid else where Our Money run the show & we are at recieving end......Be a proud Indian. Through a million dollar on there face ..its peanuts for BCCI to react....bring back men in blues chuck de India!I diots at BCCI are more interested in their coffers..they will keep on humiliating team India...Pawar needs to show Powerplay.

Umesh M From United States of America ( says
Yes India should call off the tour if Harbhajan stays out of the team.

Kultaransingh Hooghan From Delhi ( says
This is too much, why the Indian team will not pack their bags and leave, is a mystery. The BCCI has enough clout to bring the ICC to their knees, and it is high time we used it. This is a matter of National pride.

Viswanadh Y From Chennai says
It's unwise to continue the tour. This is high time BCCI should take the hard way by calling off the tour.

Paramjit Bedi From United States of America ( says
Yes, India should call off the tour.

Gourav Sharma From Mumbai ( says
BCCI should call Indian Team back or should lodge complaint against Ponting for false appeal. He should also be banned. Symonds was involved in controversial comments on the field. Michael Clark abused the Indian captian.

Danny Makkar From Ludhiana says
India should call off the tour unless Ricky Ponting,Symonds, Michael Clark are suspended for the rest of Test and One dayers for their cheap behaviour.

Kairav Mehta From Delhi says
First of all umpiring standards are so bad, adding to that the spirit in which Australians have played the match that India had to lose the match, was for sure.And ICC if without any proof can ban Bhajji for three Test matches,it clearly shows that ICC is racist and favours Australians over Indians.They have proved that it's all about colour.

Muhammad Noman Amin From United States of America ( says
I think that Indian team should play only when the ban be lifted from Harbajan and if not then Symond should be punished too. This is the time that we all back Indian team.

Meher Peddu From Anantpur says
India should continue with the tour only if the ban on Harbhajan is lifted and the Sydney Test results are declared as disqualified and not included in the results of the series. There are still 2 more matches left and a best of 3 matches should be good enough.

Manish Sharma From Delhi says
I think India should withdraw from the series, not because India lost but because of the racial allegations against Harbhajan. Money should not be the driving factor here, but national pride.

Mark Sandy From Singapore says
If Indian board is worried about the $2.3 million penalty they need to pay to Aussie board, I suggest BCCI should set up a fund and we will be happy to contribute.Scrap the tour.

Rajani Mahajan From Delhi ( says
Yes the umpiring was pathetic but our team should have been more determined to snatch a draw inspite all that.

Sudesh Sharma From Jalpaiguri says

I am of the opinion that India should call off the tour. It left a very bad taste for us and I have lost interest in the series with Australia.

Sujit Chakrabarti From Canada ( says
Everybody wants the tour to be cancelled but in that case BCCI has to pay a hefty penalty. If ICC refused to change the umpire, it is better to give walk over to Australia by not going for toss, but be present in the ground, like Pakistan did in England. It will be much stronger protest and no risk of penalty.

Naresh Lall From Delhi ( says
BCCI should take lesson from Sri Lankan Board & should take a firm stand to boost the morale of the Indian team. However, the tour should not be called off but instead our players should be enouraged to play well and give Australian team a lesson

Sanjay Sadhu From Kolkata ( says
Yes, India should discontinue the tour. Not only was Harbhajan's punishment uncalled for, but the way the match was "AWARDED" to the so called super power of cricket( who goes to any length of unfair means for their own records and the ones who always fears India for posing as a threat in their way of creating history),was disgracing to say the least.BCCI should stop playing the political game .

Alok Jhanwar From Raipur ( says
The tour should proceed only on following conditions :1. Sydney test be abandoned, it's result negated. 2. Apology from the Aussie cricketers for calling Harbhajan Racial. 3. Apology from Bucknor and Benson for the kind of decisions given.

Nitin Behl From Ranchi says
I think that the Sydney test should be nullified, Steve Bucknor and Mr.Benson should be demoted and their international career should be ended abruptly and finally this test series should be treated as a three test series instead of four - otherwise India should come back.

Upul Liyanapathiranage From SriLanka ( says
India should call off the tour immediately. Every time this happened to Asian teams and Australians always get away. India is the super power of cricket. They should react to this strongly.

Ramana Kumar K From Secunderabad ( says
Yes,India should call off the tour,BCCI has just taken a desision to call of the tour.they should stand for that and at any cost they should not go back on thier desision.We will not loose any money,world cricket is in our hands.Secondly Austrelian players should banned from indian advertisements.

Narinder singh From Anantpur says
Stand for your rights and your pride. Stop all negiotiations and come home Now.

Prakash Makwana From Australia says

I think BCCI should also investigate any foul play i.e., betting syndicate associated with umpires/some australian players?

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Gopikannan R From Chennai ( says
Yes India should call off the tour otherwise they insist ICC to abandone the Sydney Test.
Aravindakshan Kurup From Mumbai ( says
Of course, India should call off the tour. The things are happening there is beneath our dignity.

Nikhil Menon From U.A.E ( says
As we are living in the most unjust world this chaos in Australia is unacceptable by any standards.Please do not compromise on our national integrity,Sorry to say ICC is racial and biased.we can change the rules by taking this uncompromsing stand.If not we will suffer more.I practically has left cricket because this unjust racial ICC idiotic nasty behavior.Take your atand and quit like man.Boycott this series.

Raj CAprihanFrom Delhi (

) says

Unless an honorable setllement is reached there is no point in continuing. If Pointing talks of ethics how come he appealed for a catch taken by himself whish was grounded and for all to see. Australian Cricketers ahve become to pig headed and its tim for some one to stand upto them. Even the Umpires are scared of them

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Tumpesh Moses From Kenya ( says
Cricket World needs India to survive financially. Once India withdraws ICC will come to its senses.But BCCI is impotent they still think whites are superior and our masters.Like Pakistan stand up for the pride of the Nation than be labeled as racists. INDIA SHOULD COME HOME

Rudolph Mathias From Mumbai ( says
It will make every Indian proud if BCCI snubs ICC and calls of this tour which looks more like the pro-wrestling circus.Needless to say BCCI is headed by spineless politicians who are aspiring for positions in ICC.

Praveen Garg From Delhi ( says
I strongly feel that after what happened with team India in Sydney test, they should come back with immediate effect. It's no point playing at the cost of self esteem.

Mohan vaga From Australia ( says
Best thing to do in these situations is to return home.It could be a problem with the money(Fines) forced upon for not playing. If Kumble is forced to play, He should pick the weakest team and definitely leave Sachin,Dravid and Ganguly out of the game.They bring crowd in to the venue and effect television ratings. This is the fight back for what Harbajan has gone through.

Mandar Patankar From Mumbai (

) says

Indian should call off the tour and rename the Gavaskar-Border trophy to Bucker-Benson trophy. No point in playing the rest of the matches as The Australians are not going to learn (specially Ponting and his gang of lofers).

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Juss Singh From Jalandhar ( says
No one with sound mind will keep on playing when an Indian player has been labeled as RACIST by none other than the Australian players with whom they are supposed to play, and against whom all umpiring decisions have been atrocious.India is a super power in cricket and this is the time to take a stand. COME HOME INDIA

Mukund Gopal From Chennai ( says
The ICC and the match referee have ignored Tendulkar and Kumble-some storng action has to be taken by BCCI- call of the tour.

Tuhin Chaudhury From Bangalore ( says
This has gone on for too long. We should dissociate from the ICC and play more matches against friendly nations. BCCI would not lose money on account of India not playing Australia.

Pachhu Pal From Australia ( says
100% !! Ofcourse, the tour should be called off. What is the point in continuing to play in such a non-sporting nation?And also just like the medal from a "athlete who has used illegal means(like power enhancing drugs) to win" is snatched away, so should the result of this SCG test. Inzamam and PCB called off their England tour due to a controversy,... that is patriotism.

Ashish Garg From Bangalore says

BCCI is an impotent body more interested in money rather than country's pride. Bucknor has been doing this for quite sometime and they never raised question against him. Look at Pakistan, they called the team out and threw the umpire out and were behind the team like a rock but BCCI will accept this because if they pull out they will lose money which is critical for forthcoming elections.

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Sameer Sinha From Delhi says

BCCI should 1. Request ICC to declare Sydney Test as "Unofficial" 2.Ask ICC to revoke ban on Bhajji 3. Get Hogg punished 4. Allege Symonds with "unfair play and frivilous complaint" 5. Ensure ban on Bucknor and Bensen

C Ashok Kumar From Mumbai ( says
BCCI under Pawar is more interested in Power & money.If it has any self respect and respect for it's Players, it should simply ask them to come back

Ravi Kumar From Delhi ( says
No, we should not call off the tour. Australians, I think are also under real pressure now. Utilise the same and pressure them more and what's more if we can win the next two tests and other matches admirably. Let us prove that we Indians mean business and that we are not cowards.

Makhan Ram Goswami From New Zealand ( says
All such problems are with Australian Team not with others. There is something fishy with them. They play mind games and always try to defame others, either it is Murli of Sri Lanka or Pakistan or India. Indian team must call off the tour.

Kamal DassFrom Howrah (

) says

India should return home

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Siva N From Chennai (

) says

I want every Indian to read this. Roshan Mahanama wrote an article long ago. Glen McGrath called Sanath Jayasuria "Black Monkey" when Sanath was on song in Sydney (1999 ODI match). The same guy is talking about fair game now.I am really hurt but all the incidents happening while coping the racial slurs against Indians in Australia

Anila Nair From Faridabad ( says
Indian cricket is the highest contributor to the ICC revenue. BCCI should just walk out now and STOP playing international cricket. Let cricketers make money out of domestic cricket or ICL.When ICC runs out of money,they will stop treating the cricketers from the subcontinent with more respect.

Taran Rekhi From Bangalore ( says
Yes, India should cancel the tour so that Aussies should incur huge loses. It's high time someone took a stand to the nonsense Aussies put on with every team. It is also disappointing to read about the assurance Sharad Pawar has given about the tour to continue and on the other hand Sutherland is all out to support his team. Damn Politicians!!!

Anil Agarwal From Delhi ( says
It is disgusting and frustrating to play against a cheater side like Australia

Mohammed Ahmed From Thane (

) says

Indian players must there and should defeat Australia in coming matches. Specially Yuvraj & Dhoni has to take this challenge

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Sunil Shukla From Bangalore (

) says

Definitely we should call off the Autralian tour. When we are showing good sportmanship and spirit, then the same should be complied by the our Australian counterparts.

Arpita Deb From Kolkata says
We all know that The Aussies can go to any length to be on the top be it cheating and then winning matches,hence under such circumstances Team India should not tolerate such injustice and should immediately call off the tour and return.

Subhash Sethi From Delhi says
India should call off the tour without any delay. BCCI should take hard steps against Bucknor and Benson including the third umpire. This is insult of the Indian cricket team.

Rahul Jain From Malaysia ( says
Yes, India should call off the tour now. Indian team is a great ambassador of world cricket. So why should one of us be singled out? It's not just our cricketing pride but also our national pride which is at stake and BCCI should call off the tour as a protest against how Australian team and the media there works.

Veda Kumar V From Bhopal (

) says

Yes, India should call off the tour. There is no point in continuing it.

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Veda Kumar From United States of America (

) says

Yes, India should call off the tour. There is no meaning if they continue.

Veda Kumar From Pune says
Yes,India should call off the tour.There is no meaning if they continue.

Niraj Lodha From Delhi ( says
India should immediately call off the tour.

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