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Solidifying disease in the mind

The physical mind is the fabric of ourselves, it is the consciousness prevalent in every cell, not merely in the brain area, as most of us are inclined to think.

india Updated: Feb 18, 2004 15:49 IST

The physical mind is the fabric of ourselves, it is the consciousness prevalent in every cell, not merely in the brain area, as most of us are prone to recognise it. The higher part of this physical mind repeats all microscopic thoughts to satiation, like an old woman talking endlessly to herself, repeating each and every thought that is buried in this mind.

This 'mind' is the great fixer that fixes us inexorably to our physical selves and worlds. Without it constantly reminding us of its existence, we would forget that we are inalienably harnessed to physicality, and logically to the issue of death, as all that lives in matter form, must eventually die, and change back into the Universal Energy.

Everything that we have been taught by this mind of ours, leads inexorably to the fixated idea of the death of our physical bodies. As such, this mind always forces us to accept all fears, like catching diseases, or suffering from degeneration through ageing, in a stealthy and invisible manner.

Follow its microscopic poisoning, and you are trapped. If you catch a minor cold, you will be forced to think of pneumonia coming on. A little pain due to gastric disturbances, immediately packs you off to a cardiologist to check out your heart's functioning. A small pain in an organ makes you almost wish there was a grand tumour waiting to be discovered. And depending on the morbidity of the mind, and on the extent on which you allow your fears to dominate, that unexpressed tumour could be benign or cancerous.

The happy tranquil energy, which should actually be reflected as our own soul energy, turns into a catastrophic sensation, showing us death lurking within every moment of our life, even if it is just as simple an act as sneezing.

For what would the world do without this concept called death'? Come to think deeply about it, and we are trained to think of death as a reflex action, stored in the mind of the cells.

The time has come for us to reverse this process of solidifying disease, and consequent death, in the mind. In the past Golden Ages humans lived for as long as a thousand years, only because they did not have the disease of apprehending physical death solidified as a canker inside them. As a consequence they did not age, and left their bodies when they felt that their plan for their human incarnation was completed.

We must now keep on affirming thoughts, which lead to the reversal of this disease solidifying process. All it takes to do so is to refuse to enter into the din of this hypnotic process, just as a hypnotist might do, when he wants you go against your own thoughts into new uncharted territory.

Most of us would prefer to die in the normal way, rather than lose ourselves to immortal life. Again it is the fearful whisperings of the mind that are in charge of this situation. Take charge of your mind, and particle by particle, remove all debris that has remained as a consequence of this death conditioning.

Are we going to remove our cells from being 'mentalised' into decay and death consciousness, when the other option of a healthful life is only a thought away? A life of longevity and perfect well-being can become a reality only when we have managed to cast-off all that we allowed to solidify as disease... in the mind!