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Spice wise

Amit Bhardwaj, executive chef, Intercontinental, Marine Drive speaks to Vidhi Bhargava on his likes.. and dislikes

india Updated: Oct 07, 2008 19:58 IST
Vidhi Bhargava
Vidhi Bhargava
Hindustan Times

You are addicted to?
I enjoy a good steak with potatoes and greens, I am not hooked on to any particular cuisine.

Your favourite cuisine?
I pretty much like everything.

Your favourite restaurant?
Delhi Darbar, Malacca Spice, Café Olympia, Saayba and Lloyd's in Goa.

Your most memorable meal?
Dabba gosht, malai gosht tikka and reshmi roomali rotis. Also some super Goan food, home cooked by my friend's mother.. fried fish, chicken xacuti, beef and green bean curry and poi bread with cold beer…

What's the worst meal you've ever eaten?
The one I ate on a flight. It was really bad.

What are your specialties?
Roasts, grills and sauces.

Name three must-have ingredients?
Fresh meat, a hot grill and a beautiful woman to cook for.

Which book gets you cooking?
On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen.. also the Art Culiniare magazine.

What would you cook for your last supper?
Probably a nice Spaghetti Carbonara with the wine of immortality.

Who do you like to cook for most?
Anyone who clearly articulates their fancy.

A menu for your dream dinner?
A nice crisp salad, a warm, light soup, nicely done meat and a good single malt to finish.

Your childhood treat?
My mom's special kheer, made for Shivratri.

What was your biggest food disaster?
Once I made a terrible sauce, with some overpowering spice mixed in it. It ruined the whole meal.

What is the most outlandish thing you've ever eaten?
I think it woul be the durian I ate in Malaysia.

Who is your food hero/food villain?
Anthony Bourdain is my hero. Any cook who just does not care enough about food is a villain.

Fusion or confusion?
Great confusion.

Contemporary or traditional?
Anything that is contemporary and has solid traditional roots

Imported or locally produced?
As far as possible, fresh and local for me.

What's the best thing, and the worst, about Indian food?
The best thing is the variety but most often, a lot of spice is too much spice.

What would you be doing if you weren't in the food industry?
I would be wondering why I am souless…

What's the next big food trend?
What's the price of oranges in China???

Make a wish.. a foodie kind.
I wish I had a forest full of game, wild vegetables and plants in my backyard…