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Spill it like Sawant

The launch of the item girl's new album was an eye-popping event.
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UPDATED ON JUL 27, 2006 09:54 AM IST

In Rakhi Sawant's case you could perhaps tweak the old adage a little bit and start calling it the 'storm before the lull'.

Now that the shenanigans are over, guess who we caught partying together at Rain in Juhu on Saturday evening? Mika and the guys he bashed up following the Case of the Notorious Kiss.

DJ Shezwood who claimed to be beaten up by Mika and his bodyguards, when he chivalrously went to defend Sawant's honour after The Kiss, seems to have already buried the hatchet.

But at the same time, the DJ's found a loyal friend and admirer in the item girl. Sawant, who launched her new album at Rock Bottom on Monday evening, was heard praising Shezwood and giving him credit for the album. He was also the DJ at the party.

The only thing more convoluted than the scandal triangle is the name of Sawant's album — Night birds say Tu Disda.

Seen at the launch event was quawali singer Altaf Raja, trying very hard to match Sawant's dance steps on the floor, before finally giving up.

The 'Look at me, I'm a 36 Double D'girl was also heard saying, "I am very thankful to the makers of my video, who've presented me in a new avatar and styled me as a Plain Jane in this video. I feel very nice when I see myself – if not fully covered, I'm mostly covered in it."

Now her new image probably has her very excited because we caught her bursting at her seams at the launch party.


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