Study Smart: English, class X

Everyday, read at least one article from a newspaper to improve comprehension and vocabulary.

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The question paper for English (communicative) is divided into four sections — reading, writing, grammar and literature.

Everyday, read at least one article from a newspaper to improve your comprehension and vocabulary.

Preference should be given to articles based on the units of the main course book (MCB) as it also provides input for the writing skills (Letter writing and article writing).

In the word attack questions, try to decipher the meaning from the given context.

Where complete sentences are not required, only words and phrases should be used. (especially in sentence completion kind)

Notice and message must be written inside a box. Format of the postcard and telegram must be copied correctly from the question paper. The failure to do so invites penalty.

For the telegram, the prescribed word limit is 25 words inclusive of receiver’s name and address, sender’s name, message and the word STOP. The candidate may lose half or one mark if she/he exceeds the word limit.

In letter writing and long composition (in the form of article, debate, speech, report etc), the word limit is 200 words. For letter writing, the word limit is 150 words only for the body of the letter.

The candidate must make good use of the given input (advertisement, newspaper cutting, table, notes, diagram, picture, graph, map, cartoon or flow chart).

Revise by reading the whole composition and correcting the errors, if any, before submitting the answer sheet.

Practice the integrated grammar practice exercises of IX and X workbook. Practice all the question types namely, gap filling, sentence completion, re-ordering word groups in sentences, editing, dialogue completion and sentence transformation from the sample question papers given in the workbook.

In poetry, know the important poetic devices and figures of speech.

It is always better to start the paper with Section D (Literature) as the candidates find themselves on familiar ground.

You must try to complete Section A (Reading) in about 30 minutes. Section B (Writing) should preferably be done in an hour’s time.

For Section C (Grammar), you must not spend more than 20 minutes. Literature section should preferably be completed within an hour’s time. Around 15 to 20 minutes should be devoted to the revision of all the answers.

Use the cool-off time (15 minutes) for going through the question paper (especially Section B and D) and deciding mentally which questions you would like to attempt, where there are choices. Department of English, Laxman Public School

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