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Study smart: Maths, class X

Maths exam is like a nightmare for many children. To overcome this and score high. Here are some tips.
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PUBLISHED ON JAN 19, 2007 12:04 PM IST

Do not let yourself lost in the jungle of lots of book, sample papers etc. Concentrate only on the NCERT textbook.

Make a pledge to yourself that you will not sleep with doubt. If there is any problem in any question try to get it solved the same day. Do not leave any problem pending for tomorrow as tomorrow never comes.

For each topic / chapter prepare a list of formulae and a list of type of questions to be revised at the time of examination preparations.

List some simple topics, which can ensure you marks as they contain mechanical or direct formula based question.

Don't leave any chapter or any problem in between. Whatever you do, be thorough with it.

Do not leave any question unattended in the paper. Write at least the formula and the information hidden in question. This will give you some marks.

In income tax questions, read the rules clearly. You have to solve the problem according to the rules learnt in the class.

Utilise the 15 minutes given to read the paper effectively. Mark the question in order of preference. Try not to start the paper/end the paper with questions requiring long calculation.

On one side of sheet, attempt one question only. Write the question no.

Practice at least three sample papers/papers of different schools/ previous year paper at home in three hours (with undivided attention). And get it corrected from your teachers.

Do not neglect the instructions given by the school teachers. Too much reliability on tutors can cause problems, as the teachers have latest information provided by CBSE. This year distribution of marks is changed due to inclusion of 20 marks lab activities.

Anita Sharma, SD Public School
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