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Sunday letters

Manas Chakravarty’s article Feeling at home (Loose Canon, October 24) shows the dexterity of the writer. I never thought reading about Mukesh Ambani’s 27-storey house would be so hilarious.

india Updated: Oct 30, 2010 23:51 IST
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Now that he has a dream abode, let Mukesh turn to charity
Manas Chakravarty’s article Feeling at home (Loose Canon, October 24) shows the dexterity of the writer. I never thought reading about Mukesh Ambani’s 27-storey house would be so hilarious. The writer also reminds us of the more serious issue of how the ‘rich get richer’ and the ‘poor just watch them’. In India, there are innumerable people who spend their whole life in a single-room dwelling. They can only imagine how Mukesh Ambani will enjoy his lavishly-furnished house.
Sonali Agarwal, Jaipur
Chakravarty’s article gave interesting details about Antilla. Mukesh Ambani should now turn his heart towards charity work for the poor. He has the capacity to become a role model by doing his bit to improve the lot of those living below the poverty line. Some people might have been agonised over this flamboyantly expensive home but Ambani can deflect this criticism by generating more employment and extending generous help where it is needed, including people who find it difficult to make ends meet and worthy causes that often need a generous patron .
Sharda Bhargav, via email

US policy on terror is adding to India's woes
Vir Sanghvi in India is waging a lone battle against terror (Counterpoint, October 24) comes to the right conclusion when it comes to the battle against terrorism. Had we been an ally of the US, they would have used us and not bothered about our interests. If we think that the US can influence the terror machine, we are betting on the wrong horse. The US must realise that the explosives that the Taliban is using in its war against the Western forces are supplied by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).
P. Kanaka Durga, via email
Sanghvi's analysis should be read out to President Barack Obama when he visits India. President Bush knew better about Pakistan's intentions and kept it on a tighter leash. Obama's policy on Pakistan is adding to India's misery. We should refrain from bending over backwards to please him and concentrate on our own efforts to neutralise terror.
M. Balakrishnan, via email
Sanghvi has revealed the true nature of America in sharing terror intelligence with India. The US's soft corner for Pakistan is implicit in its provision for financial and military aid in the name of fighting terror which is then diverted to sponsor terror against India. India should convey these concerns during Obama's visit.
Mohammed Zaid, via email

Our days in the sun
Karan Thapar's write-up Back to school (Sunday Sentiments, October 24) underlines the importance of school days in our life. The fun and frolic to be had in bunking classes or playing pranks is never replicated in any other stage of life. But we value this stage only when it has passed.
Deeksha Malik, Bhopal
Thapar has beautifully pointed out that school time is the most memorable phase in our lives. College life seems fun but the real learning is accomplished at the school. Those basics help us move up the ladder.
Komal Gupta, Delhi
While a privileged few can avail holistic education in good schools, a vast majority of kids study in institutions that charge high fees but do not impart quality education. It is time to overhaul our education system so that all of us can take pride in our alma mater.
Dipti Sethi, via email

Deserving more
Khuswant Singh in My fair ladies: the costume designer and the altruist (With Malice Towards One and All, October 24) throws light on the deeds of some ignored faces of our society. The service rendered by Reeta Devi Varma for stray animals is an example worthy of emulation. The real purpose of starting awards like the Padma Shri or Padma Bhushan was to cherish the work of such personalities. But it is an irony that that deserving candidates seldom win these awards.
Rakesh Sherawat, via email

First Published: Oct 30, 2010 23:49 IST