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Sunday letters

Karan Thapar’s view in Paralysis as policy (Sunday Sentiments, September 9) that an early poll will produce a fractured Parliament is incorrect.

india Updated: Sep 15, 2012 22:10 IST
Hindustan Times

Early elections may be a good idea
Karan Thapar’s view in Paralysis as policy (Sunday Sentiments, September 9) that an early poll will produce a fractured Parliament is incorrect. The logjam in Parliament over Coalgate has sent out a clear message to the government that the common man is unhappy with its policies. In its two successive terms, the UPA has set a new record in squandering national wealth. The people do not want the Congress at the Centre anymore. Therefore, an early poll may give the change that India needs at the moment.
-GK Arora, Delhi

The Congress will definitely pay the price for its mistakes in the next elections. But holding elections now, when the economy is in a bad shape and there is a political vacuum, will be a bad move.
-Anil Kumar, via email

Look ahead for Air India
With reference to the article Keep the fleet grounded (Chanakya, Sep-tember 9), there was a time when Air India (AI) was considered one of the best airlines in the world. But today it is in a bad shape thanks to the shortsighted policies of successive governments. I remember the airline’s creative slogans in the past like ‘Beat it to London’ when the Beatles mania had gripped the world and ‘Goodness gracious, now it’s Mauritius’ when it started a new direct flight to that country. Rather than mulling over the reasons for its downfall, the government should get thinking about the Maharaja’s future.
-HN Ramakrishna, Bangalore

Despite the tourist season, the airline is suffering losses. This is because it no longer enjoys people’s trust. The gross misuse of AI by politicians and bureaucrats is one of the major reasons for its present condition. Privatisation of the airline is the only way the government can hope to make it get back on the track.
-Mahesh Kapasi, via email

The UPA’s chickening out
Indrajit Hazra in Republic of chicken (Red Herring, September 9) brilliantly uses the chicken metaphor to describe how the UPA government has managed to survive despite all odds. It is surprising that the government is trying to defend the prime minister’s integrity by blocking social networking sites and supporting his silence.
-Ashish Rai, via email

The quotas Bill may backfire
This refers to Manas Chakravarty’s article Confidence of crisis (Loose Canon, September 9). The writer deftly employs satire to highlight the issue of reservations in promotions of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in public service. I quite liked the author’s idea of reserving the post of prime minister for the Jarwa tribe of the Andamans to bring them into the mainstream. I believe that the passage of the reservations Bill in Parliament will cause a lot of trouble to the UPA in 2014, as a majority of voters are against the Bill.
-Bikash Chakravarty, via email

Act swiftly on farmers’ suicide
With reference to Harinder Baw-eja’s article ‘Don’t turn the page’ (Focus, September 9), it is unfortun-ate that while the maximum number of cases of farmers’ suicide have been reported in Maharashtra, the state government is busy tackling minor issues like checking illegal immigration and arresting cartoonists. Farmers kill themselves because they are usually unable to repay the money they borrow from moneylenders and private banks. Inflation and an absence of strong policies on agriculture are putting additional pressure on them. I hope the government brings the situation under control before it’s too late.
-Gagandeep, via email

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First Published: Sep 15, 2012 22:06 IST