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Sneha Mahale on how the rightly designed CV can still score.

india Updated: Feb 11, 2009 15:19 IST
Hindustan Times

Forget the classifieds and conventional CVs. In the current market scenario with fewer jobs around, employers are on the lookout for a CV that stands out. And job seekers are coming up with innovative ways of creating an impact.

Going social
Headhunters are online and one could snag the perfect job on the basis of a CV attached to a social networking site. “Hiring people by visiting social networking sites is a recent phenomenon,” says Ranjeet Rhal, director, Future HR Solutions.

Rhal explains that head hunters frequent social networking sites like Orkut, MySpace and Facebook, where, they head to communities and groups scouting for potential employees. “Once we find the profile that fits the job on offer, we get in touch with the community owner and get the person’s CV,” he explains. Nancy D’Cruz, a headhunter, says, “Social networking sites show us how good one’s skills are. In the current market scenario, only those with a zing to be different are even given a second thought. Plus, they help cut costs for the company. Everyone benefits.”

A piece of advice: don’t lie on your CV when you go for an interview after being short-listed. More often than not, the CV is verified with the profile. Also, background checks are done by going through scraps.

On video
Another fad is creating CVs in the form of video blogs. Though this method is considered a bit unconventional and not suited for all professions, it does give an edge in creative professions like filmmaking, advertising and Vjing/ RJing. “We need people with determination.. go-getters. At the same time they need to have a serious outlook to life and have the guts to do something radically different,” says Natasha Pereira, HR executive in a multi-national company.

A video blog is professionally conducive as it shows off one’s repertoire. It can be made as per individual requirements and highlight features deemed important. Jitesh Shah, 28, was hired by an advertising agency after they caught his video blog online. “My blog featured my recent work. I even had an ad executed by getting my friends to play bit roles.” It worked. The agency liked his creativity and hired him. The reason: he thought out of the box.

Professionally picked
Another popular alternative is getting recommendations on professional networking sites like Linkedin. Tarang Mehra, 24, recently bagged a high profile job in an advertising firm after getting an ad guru’s recommendation on Linkedin. He says, “The best part was that I didn’t even know the guy. I had listed a few projects on the site and he saw them. Impressed, he decided to recommend me. Next thing I know, I was being aggressively chased by two top agencies.” Tarang is now employed at a leading agency and draws a six-figure salary.

Sites like Linkedin promote professional networking and getting one’s profile noticed is relatively simple. All one needs to do is upload recent projects and create links on their profile. These links give professionals a chance to check out experience and see the skills on offer. It also helps in networking as most higher-ups are registered on the site and the chances of getting noticed are good.

However, headhunters advise that one ought to put up only recent projects and restrict the number of links to five. Else it creates too much clutter on the page and can be a turn off.

First Published: Feb 11, 2009 15:16 IST