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'Tarot card reading based on intuition'

Though not a scientific practice, tarot card reading has emerged as the new age way of "future reading".

india Updated: Mar 02, 2006 21:11 IST
Press Trust of India
Press Trust of India

While palmistry and numerology have been popular with the masses in India since ages, tarot card reading has emerged as the new age way of 'future reading' especially in the urban areas.

Tarot cards caught the imagination of the people during the 2003 cricket world cup when a card reader was called to make predictions about the matches.

"Though cricket World Cup made tarot cards popular, the practice entered India almost three decades back," says Mita Bhan, a tarot card reader.

"Initially, tarot card reading was only a mode of entertainment for the elite classes. But now it is serious business and the middle classes are also visiting tarot card readers, " adds Madhu Jha Pathak, another tarot card reader.

Now many radio and television channels have programmes on tarot card reading. A radio channel called 'Radio Tarot' was also launched a few days ago. Even newspapers and magazines are running tarot card columns.

Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards. These cards are divided into major (major arcana) and minor (minor arcana) which represent different aspects of human life.

The word has been derived from the Italian word 'tarocchi.' "It originated in the 14th century in Italy where it was a popular mode of entertainment for the Italian aristocracy. Gradually people started taking it more seriously," says Bhan.

But even the tarot card readers agree that the practice is not scientific or mathematical.

"There are elements of astrology and numerology in this, it just works as a trigger to one's psychic abilities," says Bhan.

They dont claim hundred per cent accuracy about their readings either.

"As per my experience, I can claim upto ninety per cent accuracy in my readings," says Madhu.

"We cannot claim absolute accuracy. But can palmistry or astrology claim the same?" asks Mita.

The opinion of the people who have visited tarot card readers is also divided depending on the results they have got.

"It is wonderful. I have always got accurate predictions through tarot card readings. Now I visit a tarot card reader before embarking on any important assignment. I have," says Praveen Mehta, a Delhi based businessman. There are others who differ in their opinion about the practice.

"The readings are not always accurate. I visited a tarot card reader once, I dont think I would visit again," says Asif, a college student.

Also,there are a number of those who visit a tarot card reader just for fun sake, say tarot card readers.

First Published: Mar 02, 2006 16:03 IST