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That evil eye

Alternate healer Soniyaa Bhaagiyaa speaks about a bright teenager who couldn’t focus on her studies.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 06, 2009 05:17 PM IST

Simran was a standard 10 student. She used to be a bright child but couldn’t concentrate on her studies when her exams were drawing closer.

She got into bouts of depression. This led to feelings of weakness and irritation. She complained of headache and body pain.

They consulted their family doctor. But his tests did not indicate any disease. This led the parents to believe that Simran’s problem was the result of an evil eye or black magic.

A family friend suggested that they approach an alternate healer to rid her of her problems. This was a couple of months before her board exams. I gave them a choice of tarot reading, tealeaf or coffee cup predictions. They settled for tealeaf reading. The reading revealed

Simran’s mental turmoil. I assured them that her problem had nothing to do with the evil eye or black magic. Then I gave memory recall therapy and hypnotherapy to Simran. Memory recall therapy helped me to understand her problem. Hypnoptherapy helped me to get to the root of the problem.

It revealed that her parents pressurised her constantly to get better grades. They had also decided her future course of life.

Her father wanted her to become a pilot while her mother wanted her to become a doctor. But she wasn’t interested in either. She wanted to pursue a career in mass media and communication. Her parents’ career plans upset her a lot and affected her studies. I suggested counselling and therapeutic healing sessions to her parents. The counselling sessions revealed that her father was forcing his dreams and aspirations on Simran.

No support
As a kid, he didn’t get financial support from his father. So he couldn’t pursue higher studies. Besides, he had to shoulder family responsibilities. So he had a great desire to educate his daughter and he was keen that she became a pilot.

I had to put her mother through age regression therapy. This revealed some unresolved issues, which she had with her mother as a kid. A similar thing was happening between Simran and her.

I told Simran’s parents that her problems were a result of them forcing their dreams on her. Even if parents don’t express their aspirations for their children, children pick up the vibrations. In Simran’s case, her parents’ aspirations and expectations of her were a contrast to what she wanted.

Against their wishes
This depressed her because she loved them and didn’t want to upset them. But she couldn’t comply with their wishes too. She just wasn’t interested in Maths and Science.

I advised her parents to give her the freedom to choose her future course of studies. I advised Simran to wear a tiger eye (it’s a brown crystal that looks like a tiger eye) bracelet. This is crystal healing and helps a person to communicate freely with others.

Everything turned out well. She scored good marks in her board exams. They consulted me again after her results. I did a tarot reading for her just to check if her decision to take up media studies was the right one for her.

The cards gave her the go-ahead. Now she’s pursuing a course in Mass Media and is happy. So are her parents.

(As told to Prema K)

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