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The beginning of life: Part II

The "Now Time" theory propounds that we are eternal and had to exist somewhere in time and space before we decided to assume human form.

india Updated: Mar 11, 2004 18:29 IST
Brought to you by Veena Minocha
Brought to you by Veena Minocha

The Darwinian theory of the evolution of humans through natural selection, and survival of the fittest doers not seem to be plausible in the face of what Kryon has channeled. Moreover the Big Bang theory propounds that one fine day, out of nothing, there was a Big explosion which created worlds, humans, and all life everywhere.

This again feels false, as it violates all the rules of physical matter in the Universe. Scientists have tried hard to correlate this theory with the known fact that energy, and consequently matter, can only change from one form to another, and cannot erupt out of nothingness. This is based on the premise that there has to be a beginning and an end.

The "Now Time" theory propounds that we are eternal, and that we had to exist somewhere in time and space before we decided to assume human form, to plan out and execute the greatest experiment that God wished to undertake.

I quote Kryon on this:
"There is an argument between the evolutionists and the creationists. Evolutionists say that human beings evolved over a very long period of time in the life cycle, which was normal and natural on the planet. It brought about the modern human, and it also evolved consciousness. It was called evolution.

The creationists say that the word of Spirit proclaims that the breath of life and consciousness was given to Human beings all at once. Who is right? The answer: both of them!

"The biology of humanity was developed over the same duration as all of the other life on Earth. However, something unusual happened. Take a look at something odd: We have told you this before. Counterintuitive to the evolutionary process, 100,000 years ago, Humans changed.

"Within the normal evolutionary process, there had been more than 17 kinds of Human beings, all going their own separate ways. In the evolution scheme, all the primates under you have many kinds of categories and types. Whether they are gorillas or monkeys, or apes, there are many, many kinds and variations of these primates. One hundred thousand years ago, there were also branches of the way human beings would develop much like all the other primates had. Instead of humans developing the way all the others did, all the variations were stopped, but one... And you are looking at it in the chair next to you! How is that for counterintuitive evolution? It does not make sense to the scientific biological process on Earth. Only one type of Human was allowed to develop.

"After this occurred, and when the one kind of biological Human evolved to a place that some called Adam and Eve, there was a specific kind of DNA alteration that took place - a consciousness was delivered to the planet! In this the creationists were right! There was something that happened all at once. Yet, the evolutionists were also right, for the biology was prepared over a very long period of time.

"So, you did indeed have an almost instantaneous delivery of consciousness, a beginning DNA posturing, and it came to you from the stars. This flies in the face, does it not, of natural selection? There is evolution, and yet there is also appropriate cosmic spiritual delivery. It even continues to this day, although you do not see it in the same light as you saw original creation."

Next week we shall see where our modern history, regarding present day humans, would have started!

To be continued...

Part I

First Published: Mar 11, 2004 18:26 IST