The fifth plane
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The fifth plane

Do not express desires which are harmful to anyone, including yourselves, for you will surely find them expressing in the material world.

india Updated: Nov 13, 2003 20:06 IST

The Harmonic Concordance teaches us that humankind is now ready to advance into the fifth plane. This level is reached by those who live in the world of matter, but have sufficient mastery in the experience of love. Which means that every thought, word and action becomes motivated from the seed of love within the heart. They express their love outwardly, and their sole desire is to be an expression of the Divine fount of love within them. It becomes an expressed reality for them, as opposed to the fourth plane in which love is felt very deeply, but expressing that love unconditionally becomes a difficult proposition, hence it is incomplete in its manifestation.

Ramtha, in his channeled work, through J Z Knight, expresses this state beautifully, and calls it 'paradise'.

He says:

"The fifth plane is called 'paradise'. It is the first plane that has the enrapturement of what is called the 'golden light'. Imagine a light that is like the light of your sun, but it is golden. On the fifth plane, that colour envelops all things, and yet all things retain the vividness of their unique colours. And there, there is no night, only the golden light. And wondrous music is heard, for the light that envelops all things vibrates at the tone of its colour in a wonderful harmonic movement. This harmonic movement, is the 'breath of life' there, not air. Thus on the plane of paradise one breathes sound and music and lives in light.

"On the fifth plane, you have the power to express and manifest your love and whatsoever you desire in the moment it will come to pass. If a fisherman, a lover of fish, is desirous to have fish, he will go to a lake that will be before him. The lake will be surrounded with tall cypresses, poplars, and whatever else he loves. If he loves the lake as it appears in autumn, the poplars will become the colour of cinnamon, and the cypresses will remain in the depths of their emeraldness. And when he sits down to cast his line for fish, if he desires a cool breeze, there will come a cool breeze blowing gently across the lake. And when the entity casts a feeble and humble worm into the centre of the wondrous lake and imagines what he desires to catch, behold, he will catch it. Then he takes the fish, which are like the fish on this plane, back to the home of his dreams and he consumes them, for that makes him happy, for he loves what he has done!"

This is the plane of manifestation of all our desires, yet let me warn you, or rather caution you against expressing desires which are harmful to anyone, including yourselves, for you will most certainly find them expressing in the material world. Any wrong vibration, in the form of thoughts or words will definitely rebound like a boomerang, and come to settle down with even greater intensity, into your own world.

I will explain this in greater detail in my next article!

First Published: Nov 13, 2003 20:06 IST