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The future is grim

The Oracle Octopaul is dead. We, the past masters at prediction, need to come up with a replacement.

india Updated: Oct 27, 2010 22:50 IST
Hindustan Times

The Oracle Octopaul has gone away. Many thought it strange that an octopus was able to predict with such accuracy the results of the World Cup football. But we in India are no strangers to this form of prediction. We have had parrots predicting such important things as elections by picking out cards. In fact, when it comes to astrological matters, we are second to none. Not for us Gypsy Rosa and the crystal ball, we have very many others who are more down to earth. We have people who can tell fortunes by learning your birth date, we have others who can read faces. But, to be sure, not too many, even the numerologists have not been able to predict monumental events that have taken place in India.

We Indians are past masters at the art of prediction. Millions of rupees go down the drain come elections, cricket matches and the like when we turn to astrologers to tell us the outcome of these events.

But by all standards, Oracle Octopus is a hard to beat. However, the cynical may feel that it was the mussels which were put on boxes to tempt him that made him such a sure shot. Be that as it may, he never put a tentacle wrong. His will be a hard act to follow, unless we innovative Indians can come up with something to match him. But for the moment, we will leave the reading of the tea leaves to our dear readers on the Bihar elections, for which Paul will surely be sorely missed.

First Published: Oct 27, 2010 22:47 IST