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The Great Internet Laughter

There is toilet humour (?), funny pictures and videos and, of course, those dirty jokes that are immediately copied and chain mailed to all those in your address book.Rahul Sharma tells us more.
Hindustan Times | By Webbed Feet | Rahul Sharma
UPDATED ON APR 13, 2008 02:27 AM IST

Out there in the blog world, there is a lot of humour, little nuggets that tickle the funny bone. So, on a rotten day when everything is going wrong, it might be a good idea to switch on the box and trawl through the labyrinths of the webbed world in search of a good joke that would lift the gray shadows.

On a particular Sunday, after an argument over excessive time spent by me on the Internet at the expense of domestic bliss, I set about doing what I usually do on my offdays — trawl the world wide web. I really needed to lift my spirits as my wife and two sons glared and shut me out from their world. We are going out, I was told, which meant I could spend time trying to find something to laugh at.

The Internet offers a wide variety from the unexpected to the absolutely bizarre that would have you in splits for long. There is toilet humour (?), funny pictures and videos and, of course, those dirty jokes that are immediately copied and chain mailed to all those in your address book. There are gay humour stories, the good old Santa-Banta stuff and some extremely pleasing political humour which, of course, makes George W Bush, probably the most ridiculed US President on the Internet.

Bush’s JibJab and Free Falling videos triggered the Great Internet Laughter some years ago. Now, it’s his Deputy Dick Cheney’s turn to shake and roll the world. The Net is twittering over one of his mug shots loaded on the White House website. It shows Cheney in dark glasses.

The caption says that the picture was taken when he was fly-fishing at a river. Some who saw the picture thought they saw the reflection of a naked woman and guess what? Word has since travelled far and wide, causing increased Net twitter.

Did Dick Cheney hook a naked woman, Daniel Kurtzman asked in his political blog on “For years, people have been claiming they’ve been seeing the face of Jesus or the Virgin Mary in everything from fish sticks to grilled cheese sandwiches. Now comes the news of another divine apparition: an image of a naked woman has been spotted on Dick Cheney’s face.”

All this is, of course, not pleasing Cheney’s office. It’s his arm with the fishing rod, it said, but people are still laughing and hits on Google are rising at an alarming rate.

This brings us to the Great Indian Inability to publicly ridicule our rather boring politicians for some national twitter. We see them as upholding national pride and, therefore, above the small follies that most human beings are born with.

Most of our politicians might have a sense of humour, but listen to them speak and you are sure to go off to sleep. On and on they go about the ills of the government or the Opposition (depending on which side of the divide they are on), drone, drone! Very rarely do we see a humorous quip in Parliament that could lighten the weight of a population burdened with the ills of poor governance.

We really need to laugh if we want to grow as a nation and live longer. Apart from becoming part of the laughter clubs that have sprouted across the country, there is good humour available on the Internet. Start with for some great stuff and then you can move down the line for some toilet humour and finally to that stuff that I read and laughed at before the wife and kids got back.

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