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The Midas touch

Feng Shui is not limited to material success only, writes Mohan Deep.

india Updated: May 01, 2006 15:19 IST
Mohan Deep

We all have read the story of King Midas, a classic Hellenic myth on the tragedy that is inevitable when we equate happiness with gold, with material success, with money...

I will recount it in


Midas the king of Phygia had everything he could want. A huge castle surrounded by all kinds of luxuries and a wonderful daughter Zoe (Life). But Midas thought that his huge pile of gold made him happiest of all.

Once Dionysus, the god of celebration said to King Midas, "You have done a great service by taking care of my friend for me that I want to grant you any wish your heart desires."

In an instant Midas replied, "I wish that everything that I touch would turn to gold!"

"Very well," sighed Dionysus and reluctantly granted him his wish.

The next morning before he got out of bed he reached over and touched his bedside table and instantly it turned to gold, just as Dionysus had promised. Midas had the golden touch!

"It works, it works!!!" he shouted as he sprang out of bed. He touched the chair, the table, the rug, the door, the fireplace, his bathtub, a picture, and went running like a madman on and on through his palace, touching one thing after another until he was out of breath and hungry, but still elated.

Midas felt all bubbly as he entered his dining hall. He popped a grape into his mouth but nearly broke his teeth. He tried to eat a piece of bread, but his teeth clanked on gold. Perhaps wine will be an exception but even the liquid too turned gold. He was scared. What will happen to him now?

His cat jumped up into his lap and as he petted it she became a metal statue. Shocked he yelled. His daughter Zoe, ran over to comfort him with a hug and turned into a gold statue.

With raised arms he pleaded, "Oh Dionysus, gold is not what I really want after all! Please help me, save me from this golden curse. I want life, not gold."

Kind Dionysus undid the 'boon'.