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The Rawalpindi scorecard

Two games gone. The honours are even. But how did the playing 22 fare in our alternative scorecard?

india Updated: Mar 17, 2004 14:20 IST

Oh for an old-fashioned one-day game where 220 is a competitive score. Well, it looks like those days are gone forever. Once again we had a run feast, with almost 650 runs scored at Rawalpindi. Read on to find out how individuals fared in this second one-dayer between Pakistan and India.


Afridi: What a comeback for Afridi, playing his first game in about a year. He showed some nerves in the first few overs, but was soon hitting everything out of sight. Afridi's batting is not one for the traditionalists, and he himself is not under any illusions about his technique. Apart from his 80 in 58 balls, he also took two for 57, including the key wicket of Yuvraj Singh. Was definitely a man of the match candidate. 9/10

Hameed: More circumspect than his opening partner, Hameed nonetheless played a very important innings at the top of the order. He had some trouble getting the slower bowlers away, though. His run rate fell towards the end and his dismissal, a run out involving - guess who? - was unfortunate. Hameed has not had much exposure to quality bowling - and India certainly isn't that - but he looks like one to keep an eye out for. 8/10

Youhana: Came in to bat in the aftermath of the Afridi carnage and was immediately at home. He continued scoring at a decent clip, but expectations were quite wild by then. He was victim to the pressure generated by the Indian spinners and fell to Yuvraj Singh. Full marks for trying, but not too many for the result. 6/10

Inzamam: Inzamam was not quite there at Rawalpindi. He seemed to be in good touch generally, but couldn't really get any momentum into his innings. He got 29 in 34 balls, and was involved in yet another run out. As for captaincy, sometimes one wonders if the Pakistan skipper is fully awake on the field. His defensive approach cost Pakistan dear. Defending 330, one would imagine him to have a little more faith in his pacers and keep at least one slip on for longer. 5/10

Younis Khan: Quite the same situation as Youhana, coming in needing to get the score moving along at over a run a ball. He had a decent innings, running well and trying to rotate the strike while a lot of pressure was being generated by Nehra and the spinners. He was looking good, but was dismissed in strange fashion, caught behind to Nehra, when the bowler seemed not to appeal at first. Again, a decent attempt that fell a bit short. 6/10

Moin Khan: Not his day with the bat, being Nehra's second victim in as many balls. He was a bit unlucky to be given out, the ball pitching maybe just outside leg stump. On another day an umpire might not have given it out. However, Moin Khan's wicketkeeping was crucial to the game. He stopped an important boundary towards the end of the innings and also kept his head during the Ganguly stumping. 7/10

Malik: Shoaib Malik provided some very important supporting roles to Younis Khan and Abdul Razzaq while batting. He ran extremely well between the wickets and was involved in adding 45 in the last four overs and one ball with Razzaq. His bowling was also very impressive, giving both Tendulkar and Ganguly some tense moments. He got the critical wicket of Tendulkar. 7.5/10

Razzaq: You knew it was going to be Abdul Razzaq's day the way he just walked in and found the middle of the bat straightaway. With the innings coming to a close, he played a delightful little cameo that made all the difference in the end, making 30 off just 18 balls. He slapped a couple of balls past the bowler in quite brutal fashion. His bowling was a bit expensive, but he took a great catch to dismiss centurion Tendulkar and probably most of India's hopes. 8/10

Shabbir Ahmed: He looked nippy, sharing the new ball with Akhtar, but failed to impress too much. There is very little one can say about him, which means he had an ordinary game. 5/10

Sami: Same came in first change and bowled extremely well,a pleasant change from Karachi, taking three for 41. He gave Ganguly and Tendulkar a few things to think about. He could have had the Indian skipper very early had Akhtar not dropped at sitter at mid off. He got the wickets of Laxman and Dravid, and later on also ended the game by cleaning up Nehra and putting heart patients out their misery. 8/10

Akhtar: Shoaib Akhtar too seemed to have recovered from the generosity attack he had had at Karachi,and bowledmuch more tightly. However, Sehwag's flailing bat saw him going for a few runs. Akhtar outwitted the Indian opener, though, and also bowled a very important last spell, getting Kaif and Zaheer Khan in consecutive balls. However, he did a few silly things, such as dropping an easy catch and almost giving it away in the end with some silly stuff at Balaji. That said, three for 49 when the batting team got over 300 is good whichever way you look at it. 7.5/10


Sehwag: Played what is alarmingly becoming a typical Sehwag innings - threw his bat at everything in sight and got a few quick runs. This time, though, he couldn't stick around to contribute significantly, though he did add a 50-plus partnership with Tendulkar. Was beaten by Shoaib Akhtar's pace and lost his stumps when he was on 26. His bowling was also expensive, going for almost eight an over. 4/10

Tendulkar: A great innings from Tendulkar - the first one-day century by an Indian in Pakistan. It has been a long time that Tendulkar has played an innings such as this, meaning that he has not just got a big score but looked really good. Once again, though, he was not able to take India home, though it would not be fair to blame him for that. It took a great catch to finally dismiss him. His bowling was a bit expensive and he also muffed two run-out chances. 8.5/10

Laxman: One almost felt sorry for Laxman. He looked tired and unfit, and was clearly struggling. Was fortunately put out of his misery early in his innings, caught on the crease to a quick delivery from Sami. 2/10

Ganguly: He looked quite good in patches, but failed to get going. In fact, he actually dragged the scoring rate down, getting just 15 in 38. He could not capitalise on being dropped very early in his innings, though he did attempt to chance his arm. Finally ran out of patience and came down the wicket to Afridi, only to be stumped. 3.5/10

Dravid: As usual, Dravid put in some very ordinary wicketkeeping. It will always need something spectacular with the bat for him to make up it, and Rawalpindi was not where he provided it. He looked very comfortable at the crease, though, and provided able support to Tendulkar in a century partnership. However, he was guilty of not carrying on and fell within three overs of Tendulkar. Also, 36 off 45 was a bit too slow given the context of the game and the match situation. 5.5/10

Yuvraj Singh: A top-class bowling performance fromYuvraj Singh. Two for 41 in 10 overs in a game that saw more than 600 runs is outstanding by any standards. One almost wants to dock Ganguly some extra points for not bowling him in Karachi! He flighted the ball and also bowled a tight line. As for batting, his 19 at almost a run a ball was a brave attempt, butnot quite enough. 7/10

Kaif: By the time Kaif came in to bat, the asking rate was quite a tall order and most of the big hitters had already departed. He is not the kind of batsman to get 10 runs in an over and didn't. It would not be fair to blame him either. Hard to rate.

Powar: On a flat track, this is the closest one can come to a dream debut. Powar came across as totally nerveless. He bowled a tight and accurate line, though his tendency to flight the ball was nipped in the bud by Inzamam's coming down the track and hitting him out of the ground. No wickets for him though. He also emerged as a very good out-fielder. As for batting, his 18 off just 11 balls at the death kept India's hopes alive for a long time. 7.5/10

Zaheer Khan: A forgettable day for the left-arm pacer. He went for 72 in his seven overs and got a first-ball duck. Would have wanted to crawl into bed and pull the pillow over his head. 2/10

Balaji: Balaji looked to be getting some movement off the seam, but it is anybody's guess how much he can control it. His line was a bit erratic also. However, he almost made up for his past sins when he threw his bat around rather effectively towards the end of India's innings, getting 14 in 10 balls, not that he knew too much about where the ball was heading. What he succeeded in doing was give India a tiny bit of hope at the death. 6/10

Nehra: Nehra seemed to have shrugged off the injury that was threatening his participation in Rawalpindi, bowling his 10-over spell on the trot and quite impressively at that. He picked up three for 44, getting the danger men Inzamam, Younis Khan and Moin Khan out. In fact, he was on a hattrick at one stage. However, he split the webbing in one hand and had to go off the field immediately after his spell. That did not stop him from coming out to bat, though a first-ball duck would suggest he should not have bothered. 7.5/10

Well, that is our take on individual performances. If you beg to differ, mail

First Published: Mar 17, 2004 14:20 IST