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The tempting solutions

Temptation comes in the paths of all humans, the temptation to take the easy way out, which does not necessarily be a morally ethical solution.

india Updated: Dec 22, 2003 17:25 IST

Temptation comes in the paths of all humans, the temptation to take the easy way out of a situation, but which does not necessarily be a morally or a politically ethical solution.

A wise man once said that he has two dogs inside him, one a good one, who shows him the right way to move, and the other was the mean one, which prodded him along the incorrect meaningless path. When asked which dog influenced him the most, his reply was simple, the dog whom he 'fed' the most.

We all have the voice of God and the voice of Satan confronting us with two sides to every predicament. If we have 'fed' ourselves with high spiritual vibrations, we know very clearly which one to listen to. But if we nourish ourselves with negative thoughts, through the influence of unethical people, we will most definitely allow the 'mean dog' to be in charge.

A very practical way to live is to remove yourself immediately from any situation which has the power to tempt you to make gains through hurting others, or your own self, in the long run. Once you are out of the range of negative vibrations of evil temptations, a sense of balance and normalcy is restored to the inner vision. The decision made under such circumstances is always the one which leads us from being 'human' to becoming 'super-human'.

A very easy solution to everything is 'if everyone is doing it then it can't be bad'! This applies to all aspects of life, including corruption, bribery, lying and cheating for material gain, infidelity in marriage, etc. But the moment one goes deep into the Soul-centre to realize that every action has a karmic reaction, and that that re-action has also to be borne by us very shortly, as the laws of karma are precise and unfailing, then we learn to overcome temptation.

We learn that the short-term gain is not always desirable, rather than our spiritual growth. For every temptation is thrown in our path to help us learn to make wise and ethical decisions, to strengthen our souls, and refine them even further!

Having made the pursuit of happiness the only goal of our life, it lies within us to conceptualize what it is that would really make us happy.

Would the 'burden of guilt' of all the wrong accumulations of karma be a happy burden for us? Or would we rather avoid that 'burden' and feel free and light enough to gallop forth and close the distance between our own souls and the Higher Soul of God?

The only way is to follow your own heart, even if someone else, or even the whole world thinks you are a fool. Follow your own star of joy, keep it and cherish it as you would the most precious thing in the world. For life is all about becoming Sat-Chit-Ananda, that is perennial state of living our own truth through wisdom and finding our own bliss!

First Published: Dec 22, 2003 17:14 IST