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The time is "NOW"

Make your choice "NOW", do not sit on the fence too long, for you will certainly lose your balance and topple over onto the Old Energy, which is weighing you down.

india Updated: Jan 28, 2004 13:04 IST
Veena Minocha
Veena Minocha

Feel yourself inspired into Higher Realms of Consciousness with this section! The tales, poetry and inspirational tit-bits will provide the proverbial "Divine wind in our sails" on our journey through life's choppy seas! Surfers are invited to send in their contributions for this page

Once a woman was standing outside in the street searching and searching for something under the bright street lamp. A wise man walked by and asked her, "Mother, what are you searching for?"

She replied, "I have lost my needle and I am looking for it." The man helped her search for quite sometime, all to no avail. Finally, he asked, "Mother, where exactly did you lose your needle?" She replied, "I was sewing inside on the chair and the needle was lost there."

The wise man queried, "But Mother, if you lost your needle inside then why are you searching outside for it?" The woman answered, "Because inside it is dark and I cannot see. Here, with the light of this lamp I can see easily and search for my needle."

The wise man counselled her, "Mother, go back inside. It may be dark and difficult to see, but your needle is inside. Light a candle and search inside. You will never find your needle out here."

This allegorical tale is one that all of us may have heard before, yet its relevance in the New Age can be focussed into a laser sharp beam on our life's journey. If we were on our way to Mumbai from New Delhi, what good would it do to get a train ticked to Kolkata instead? How about learning to refocus our lives, ever so pointedly on our true soul-purpose, by lighting up the proverbial candle to dispel the doubts and the fogginess that it has been covered over with?

For if we have to live our lives to our fullest we have to uncover the path that our destinies have marked out for us, gaining the love, wisdom and power along the way, that is rightfully our inheritance from God! Like the old woman in the tale above, let us find the needle, in the right place, with which to sew back all that we have torn and tattered of our fabric of life. Let us put it together and make it 'whole' again.

I am sure, if you are reading this, you are well on the right path, yet so much more remains to be done, as we must not only read the truths, but allow them to seep slowly and confidently into our practical daily living, until they become so much of a reflex action, that we do not have to even think whether we are responding to life's challenges as a New Age Spiritual person would!

We just would respond so naturally and effortlessly, that life would never ever be a struggle to retain one's sanity and balance.

The time is "NOW", and the "NOW" time is the moment you give intent to take your life forward to its true destiny, as this is the last incarnation where we have the choice to remain, or get off the wheel of birth and repeated physical death.

Make your choice "NOW", do not sit on the fence too long, for you will certainly lose your balance and topple over onto the Old Energy, which is weighing you down. Align yourself with the Fresh and New, and find your heart and soul as you go along the way!

My blessings and heartfelt energies are with You!

First Published: Jan 28, 2004 12:55 IST