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The Unborn

Based on an urban legend that became the talk of the town in 2000, The Unborn explores the tale of Por, who wakes up in the hospital after being brutally beaten up, to find herself giving birth.

india Updated: Oct 11, 2003 00:29 IST

Director: Bundit Thongdee
Cast: Sai Jareonpura, Prangthong Changdham, Krunphol Tiansuwan, Aranya Namwongse

Based on an urban legend that became the talk of the town in 2000, The Unborn is written and directed by Bundit Thongdee (of Hoe Down Show Down and The Father's Heritage fame).

The story begins when Por (Jareonpura) wakes up in hospital after being brutally beaten by a drug dealer, to find herself giving birth.

She is confronted by a series of strange and disturbing events – the weird voice of a child she can't see; a doll that moves around by that voice; the appearance of a mysterious and unfamiliar woman; and a series of life-threatening situations, trapping her between reality and illusion.

The first half of the film is a series of shock moments. Por sees an apparition in various fetid forms – drowned, rotten, or naked and prostrated; like most ghosts in movies, this one cannot just blurt aloud what it wants, but instead keeps scaring the hell out of Por for the benefits of us viewers.


Screenplay: Bundit Thongdee
Cinematography: Surachet Thongmee

Director's bio note
Bundit Thongdee is establishing himself as an earthy commercial film-maker; his debut work, Mon Pleng Luk Thoong FM is a patchwork of styles and stars that managed to bring home hefty box office revenues.

He works not so much with ambition as with reliability, not with artistic push but with technical efficiency, and he shows how he's responsive to the market in deciding to do a ghost movie, a genre that most Thais are always ready to appreciate.