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The Y factor

Graphology is the study of handwriting, used as a means of analysing character. It unearths past experiences, exposes latent talent and problems. Prema K tells more.

india Updated: Mar 13, 2009 18:56 IST
Prema K
Prema K
Hindustan Times

I’ve been working with my mother at Ishtar, a holistic healing centre, for the past five years. I handle graphology for her clients. A person’s signature or handwriting reveals his or her identity as well as the future.

Graphology is the study of handwriting, especially when it is used as a means of analysing character. It is useful for to tackle health issues and unearths past experiences, to expose latent talent and problems.

It’s also referred to as ‘brain writing’ and is an expression of the entire personality.

For instance, if a person has a right slant to his handwriting, it implies that the person is an extrovert.

I use graphology to handle problems of individual or that of commercial organisations. Sunil Shah (name changed), a 48-year-old estate consultant and financer, came to Ishtar because he was going through major financial problems.

He was almost reduced to bankruptcy. He had started working at 18 and had gone through financial lows before. This was the fourth time.

I asked him to write down his experiences on a sheet of paper. When I analysed his handwriting, I realised that he was a very hardworking man. He also made all the right decisions, especially where money was concerned. Despite all that, he ended up losing money.

I noticed a regular pattern in the way he wrote his ‘y’ and ‘g’. The letter ‘y’ is connected with money and he always left the loop of ‘y’ open. That was one of the major reasons for his financial instability.

Four years later

I suggested that he change the way he wrote his ‘y’. I asked him to write ‘y’ 200 times a day, for 40 days. I also asked him to make positive affirmations while writing.

Affirmations are positive sentences. By repeating them mentally, you influence your subconscious mind and you change yourself and your situations.

He had to say the following line, “Divine abundance always stay with me and keep multiplying every second.”

Gradually, his financial position strengthened. It’s four years now and his financial position is stable. He doesn’t have to worry about money any more now.

Hooked on

Every month, he writes two-three pages once a month and sends them to me for regular handwriting analysis to check if anything has gone haywire. He even uses graphology when he’s hiring someone new in his office.

During an interview, he makes them write something on a sheet of paper and sends it to me for handwriting analysis. He employs them on the basis of the interpretations.

Recently, he threw a party on his birthday. He kept a scrapbook and requested all his guests to write something in it. Then he sent it to me for handwriting analysis. He gave away the graphology analysis to each one as a return gift.

First Published: Mar 13, 2009 13:11 IST