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Tiring TV

Barkha Dutt in Don?t leap before we shoot (September 30) set out to do some long-overdue soul-searching for TV channels. But she fails to detail NDTV?s role.

india Updated: Oct 07, 2006 00:28 IST

Barkha Dutt in Don’t leap before we shoot (September 30) set out to do some long-overdue soul-searching for TV channels. But she fails to detail NDTV’s role as she focuses on just one event that, for whatever reasons, was not covered by it.

The concern is not only over the content but also the manner of reporting. Reporters and anchors focus less on information on the incident and more on how they got to the site and got exclusive pictures of some terrible tragedy. Any response to a report is bandied about as an impact of their coverage.

Arvind Mehta
via e-mail


It is true that the media these days only show us dramatic footage of little impact or importance. Editors seem to have forgotten their role in bringing to the fore issues that are significant to the common man.

Yashi Vikram


It is painful to see that today news channels are running after TRPs without paying any heed to integrity or ethics. Telecasting a dramatic fall from a building or showing dreadful scenes of bomb blast sites are clear indication of the falling standards of Indian TV journalism. One should take a lesson from American channels where no signs of hysteria were evident in the coverage of the 9/11 attack. The tone was measured and moderated — unlike the breathless anxiety of Indian anchors.

Ashish Jain

No cricket with Pakistan

I agree with Uddhav Thackeray’s views that India should not play any cricket match with Pakistan on Indian soil. The proxy war waged by our neighbour on India continues even as the invitation to play cricket is formalised. Should we run the risk of people coming to India from Pakistan to watch matches, and then ‘disappearing’ into thin air?

Hansraj Bhat

UN needs reforms

The election to the post of Secretary-General of the United Nations would have been far more interesting had the polls been held by the General Assembly, instead of the Security Council.

The UN needs an essential change in its policies to empower itself to work independently for the welfare of all member-nations. Now, it is only a change of faces and reshuffling of its working members.

Salman Zafar

Going soft

Apropos of the editorial The quality of mercy (October 5), the argument in favour of clemency for Afzal Guru is painfully flawed. In advocating mercy for Afzal, we overlook the suffering of the families of victims of terrorist violence and also demoralise the police and army, many of whose personnel have laid down their lives in fighting terrorists like Afzal.

He deserves no mercy especially because not once during his trial has he expressed any regret over the role he played. We must ensure that vested political interests do not interfere with the course of justice.

Ved Guliani


If capital punishment is awarded in the rarest of rare cases, how rare is this case? If Nathuram Godse would have hired a killer for his dirty deed, would he have been spared the death sentence? The President must reject the request of Afzal’s relatives and reaffirm that India is not a soft State. Failing to punish our enemies will prove to be a mockery of justice.

Jayendra Katti


Afzal Guru should not be granted clemency. The apex court has considered all aspects before sentencing him. But Afzal’s son Galib should be given all State help to ensure that he does not follow his father’s path. He should be brought up so that he may grow to be a noble son of India.

ML Bala
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Practise what you preach

Apropos of the report Dengue digs in (October 4), the RWAs are responsible for unhygienic condition in most colonies. In fact, RWAs work in their own interest. The authorities must beef up their activities but RWAs must also be held accountable for maintaining hygienic conditions in their localities.

Mahesh Kumar
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First Published: Oct 07, 2006 00:26 IST