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Top Ten Schools in Gurgaon

The survey data is a copyright of HT Media Limited, any use of this survey data would lead to infringement of their copyright and may result in legal action against the Infringer.

india Updated: Sep 04, 2012 00:35 IST
Hindustan Times

1. The Shri Ram School, Aravali
Nestled between the high-rises in DLF City Phase-4, the school boasts of their children’s ability to think independently. It has topped in various categories, including ‘sports’, ‘extra-curricular activities’ and ‘competence of teachers’.
Phone: 0124-4784300
Nursery fee: Rs.1,78,200 per annum

2. The Heritage School
Heritage has the highest score on the ‘infrastructure and facilities’, ‘teacher care and development’ and ‘innovative teaching’ parameters. The school invests a great deal in its teacher training programmes and has been one of the Top 10 schools since 2009.
Phone: 0124-2855124
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,18,212 per annum

3. DAV Public School, sector 14
One of the oldest schools in Gurgaon, DAV Public School’s classrooms are equipped with ‘smart’ boards and audio-visual aids. It has topped the ‘academic rigour’ parameter once again, as well as ‘social accountability’ and ‘value for money’.
Phone: 0124-2324070
Nursery Fee: Rs. 82,600 per annum

4. Shikshantar School
Through its inclusive, integrated model of special education, Shikshantar remains a Top-10 school this year as well. It has the highest score on the ‘individual attention to students’, ‘innovative teaching’, ‘life skills education’ parameters, among others.
Phone: 0124-4889100
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,81,452 per annum

5. Suncity School
The school offers a choice of CBSE, Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. It has topped ‘safety and hygiene’ and has the second highest score on ‘infrastructure and facilities’.
Phone: 0124-4845300
Nursery fee: Rs. 78,300 per annum

6. Delhi Public School, sector 45
The school aims at holistic development, providing education through a blend of academics, sports and activities. It has the second highest ‘value for money’ score and does well on the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘competence of teachers’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-4125800
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,20,690 per annum

7. Salwan Public School, sector 15
Through innovative learning methodology, capacity building and an ability driven education system, the school has good value-for-money. It does well on the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘individual attention to students’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-4886050
Nursery fee: R50,320 per annum

8. Amity International, Sector 46 *
Students with learning difficulties are assisted and guided by competent counsellors. They have an excellent teacher-student ratio of 1:17. The school does well on the ‘academic rigour’, ‘safety and hygiene’, and ‘sports’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-3296998
Nursery fee: N/A

9. Lotus Valley International
The classrooms are equipped with teaching aids, and the school has a maths and language lab. It has the second highest ‘safety and hygiene’ score and does well on the ‘individual attention to students’ and ‘infrastructure and facilities’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-3290885
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,69,800 per annum

10. Blue Bells Model School, sector 4
The school is a rare blend of tradition and modernity. It has maintained a good academic record and done well in the field of co-curricular activities. The school has good scores on the ‘academic rigour’ and ‘safety and hygiene’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-4688688
Nursery fee : Rs. 57,120 per annum

10. Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok
The school has excellent facilities, including a cricket pitch, basketball court, skating rink, language labs, open-air auditorium and state of the art computer and multimedia labs. It does well on the ‘value for money’ and ‘sports’ parameters.
Phone: 0124-4041221
Nursery fee: Rs. 1,17,650 per annum

Nursery fee figures, provided to HT by the schools, are approximate. They include annual fee and development charges (transport fee is variable). For the total fee amount, please contact the schools.

* These schools did not participate in the survey. Their scores are based on the perceptual survey conducted among parents and teachers as mentioned in the methodology.

The survey data is a copyright of HT Media Limited, any use of this survey data would lead to infringement of their copyright and may result in legal action against the Infringer.

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