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Troubles come calling

Cellphone problems are not exclusive to women. They are, in fact, a bit of a nuisance in everyone's lives.

india Updated: Oct 23, 2012 22:41 IST
Hindustan Times

It doesn't really have a nice ring to it. A Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP has said that girls should not be given cellphones because their 'misuse could land them in trouble'. Okay, we know what the dear man means but is reluctant to say. Girls will use the cellphones to natter with boys and this, as we all know, is the first step towards moral turpitude. Indeed, unrestrained use of cellphones by girls could threaten the very fabric of our pristine society and erode our superior cultural values. There, we've said it for him.

On our part, we can think of several other reasons why cellphones are a bit of a nuisance in our lives, and we suspect yours. Have you ever had the experience, and we have indeed, of talking animatedly to someone only to find that the person has not listened to a word you have said and is instead busy texting on his cellphone or scrolling down and reading some inanity? This usually triggers off in us an urge to grab the offending instrument and fling it out of the window. Many of us are constantly at the receiving end of utterly useless and sometimes offensive text messages. The minute we hear a message coming through, we rush to look at it, imagining that maybe, just maybe, this is a call from a committee of the highest water offering us a prize for excellence which carries along with it a hefty sum of money. Or a call to say that we have just won a luxury car. But no, in most cases, it is some pesky telemarketer asking whether you would like to avail of the new offers from some ghastly company or bank.

Then, of course, there is the caring caller who will send you a message or even call early on a Sunday morning to discuss some issue of total irrelevance while at the same time hoping solicitously that he or she did not wake you up. But as for our BSP MP, who now says he has been misquoted, the greatest source of dread must be the next call on his mobile. It could well be from the BSP super-boss who just happens to be woman. Well, that does have a nice ring to it after all.