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US' Iraq action was state terrorism

Many of us dub the war against terrorism launched by the US and UK in Afghanistan and Iraq as ?state terrorism?. This is an over-simplification of the problem. Having said that the duo did commit a blunder by attacking Iraq. They gave wide publicity to the fact that there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq citing it as a reason for the attacks. However, nothing was found when Saddam was beaten.

india Updated: Sep 13, 2006 18:50 IST

I have observed that we are prone to regard various terrorist activities being undertaken in different parts of the world as “jihadi terrorism” if the perpetrators of the crimes are Muslims.

However, this is a sweeping generalisation as we fail to take into account the various local factors and circumstances which lead to such terrorist activities. For example, the terrorism in Israel is due to the blunder of the British government in having allowed Jews to settle there when the land actually belonged to the Palestinians.

The terrorism in Afghanistan is the result of American war on Afghanistan which was the due to the raising of the Taliban by America as part of its strategy to counter Soviet presence in Afghanistan. Since Taliban were all raised on the slogan of carrying out the instructions given in the Quran, Hadith, etc. to counter the atheism of the communists, this Taliban movement became the real jihadi Islamic movement with Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden, two hard-core fundamentalists at its helm.

The terrorism in Iraq is the product of American war on Iraq and cannot be linked to jihadi terrorism as it has been confirmed that the then Iraqi President Saddam Hussain whom the Americans overthrew, was in no way linked with Al Qaida.

In India, the terrorist movement is the result of ISI backed cross border terrorism and can be stopped only by the military regime in Pakistan.

Similarly, many of us dub the war against terrorism launched by America and UK in Afghanistan and Iraq as “state terrorism”. This is also over-simplification of the genesis of the problem. In Afghanistan, the Taliban was a strictly fundamentalist retrograde regime which had forced men to keep beard and women to wear burqas. They had also made the lives of the Afghan people miserable by their retrograde economic and social policies. Therefore, America and UK did well to overthrow the regime and bring order in Afghanistan from a chaotic state of affairs.

However, America and UK did a blunder in attacking Iraq. They gave wide publicity to there being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a reason for attacking that country. However, no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq when Saddam Hussain was overthrown. Moreover, Hussain, though being a dictator, was otherwise a liberal man and many people in his country liked him.

He had also a firm control on the state of affairs in Iraq and there were far less deaths per day in the country than what is the case now. There was no infighting between Shia and Sunni sects as is prevalent these days after America’s invasion. Of course, like all other dictators, Hussain was also responsible for the murders of rebels of his regime.

However, there are many other dictatorships like the military dictatorship in Pakistan, Chinese dictatorship and military dictatorship in Burma which are responsible for the mass murders of their rebels. So, there was and still there is no justification for the American and British invasion of Iraq.

Therefore, to sum up, only American and British action in Iraq can be called state terrorism. Their action in Afghanistan is wholly justified and need not be painted as state terrorism.

First Published: Sep 13, 2006 18:50 IST