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Vivek Oberoi chat

Talented Vivek Oberoi is only a film old in Bollywood but the excitement his new film Road has created is amazing. This star son of noted actor Suresh Oberoi is thought to be the fiercest competition to Hrithik Roshan. Road, he says, is far more experimental than Company. Read transcript of the chat with the star on September 26

india Updated: Oct 21, 2002 13:02 IST

Pallav: Hi Chandu! Can you please tell us about your character in Road? Also mention the name of character.
Vivek_Oberoi: He is reactionary yet normal guy who loves life and his girlfriend. He leaves Delhi and goes on road to Jodhpur. And gives a lift to Manoj Bajpai because he feels he is a nice guy. But then his whole life changes and he has to do everything to get his ladylove back.

Satch: Who does your hair?
Vivek_Oberoi: My hairstylist is called Aalim. I got a katora cut for this film. I am trying to go for a completely different cut and meeting various hair stylists for the same.

Laughingbuddha: What's your role in Saathiya like?
Vivek_Oberoi: It's a very sweet role. It's a young guy who's very excited about life. He falls in love with a girl and he wants to make his dreams come true with her. He is immature in some ways. The film is about how he grows from a boy to a man. Love takes a different dimension post-marriage. A lot of people are at their best when they are courting each other. Once you get married, you take them for granted and you have to become yourself. Before marriage it's more of an attraction, and post marriage the love actually begins. Most love stories have the final destination as marriage. In Saathiya, marriage is actually the beginning, and not the end of the love story. You will see the first trailers from October 12. It will release in December. Music is lovely - melodious music by A. R. Rehman.

Roshan: Well, if you do a perm will it suit you?
Vivek_Oberoi: I've heard that perm permanently damages your hair. I didn't get an opportunity to do anything. I had to keep my hair consistent. I was doing four films at a time. In Dum and Saathiya I tried to style my hair a bit, nothing different. Now, in the new batch of movies, I can try for a completely different look each time.

Sinhapriyesh: Which director in Bollywood would you like to work with?
Vivek_Oberoi: I can't say who's the best director in the industry. Amongst all directors I have worked with, I think Ram Gopal Varma is absolutely fantastic. I have learnt so much about myself as an actor through him. Other directors I have worked with have been new. It's been a great experience working with him.

Laughingbuddha: We know of your engagement but still what do you for in a girl?
Vivek_Oberoi: I think there're two aspects to every woman. One is superficial (exterior), and one is inside. I don't mean what's inside the clothes! Chemistry works on two levels as well. Physical appearance of the person and the way the person reacts to situations. I think love is about finding yourself in the person whom you love.

Laughingbuddha: What do you think of ultra-modern Antara Mali? Does she carry it off or is she good as a ghaatan girl of Company?
Vivek_Oberoi: Antara Mali has tried to project herself in this role as Laxmi which is quite a paradox. It's so new that it sometimes makes you uncomfortable with unusual reactions to situations. It's an attempt to do something different, and I always like to support those attempts.

First Published: Sep 25, 2002 16:41 IST