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Omar seems to be comparing apples and oranges here

india Updated: Sep 02, 2011 23:15 IST
Hindustan Times

Omar seems to be comparing apples and oranges here
This is with reference to the editorial Don't leave it hanging (Our Take, September 1) on Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah's taking exception to the resolution passed in the Tamil Nadu assembly. Afzal's seditious act cannot be compared to the assassination of a country's former head of government, no matter how revolting and horrifying the latter is. This is not to support the resolution passed in the TN assembly, which is an affront to our jurisprudence.
SK Shah, via email

What people actually want
Pratik Kanjilal in Not a wholesome view (Speakeasy, August 27) rightly shows us the way to gauge public opinion by using the database provided by Aadhar. Any rally amounts to nothing more than a show of strength. Innovative ideas like the one proposed by by the columnist can convert vague theories and speculation into a close approximation of what people want.
Satya Prakash, via email

Let's have some sporting spirit
The bill to introduce transparency in sports organisations and make them function within the ambit of the Right to Information Act is a welcome step (No going back: Maken, September 1). One hopes good sense will prevail on the ministers who are already at the helm of affairs in sports bodies and are now trying to derail the efforts of their colleague.
Bharat Kapoor, via email

First Published: Sep 02, 2011 23:11 IST