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We get the justice we deserve

Despite an alert and vibrant Judiciary, laws in India exist only for the ?rich and resourceful?. Life for the poor is tough, tense and torturous.

india Updated: Feb 04, 2007, 01:15 IST

I am in total agreement with Vir Sanghvi's views in The Silence of our Lambs (Sunday HT, January 28). Despite an alert and vibrant Judiciary, laws in India exist only for the ‘rich and resourceful’. Life for the poor is tough, tense and torturous. No one listens to them when their children go missing or when their women are raped. No one heard the Nithari victims. And the Khailranji killings are forgotten because the victims are Dalits.

Subramanian Harihara on email 


The appalling indifference of society to the plight of the less fortunate is an expected outcome of our daily lives. We keep our homes clean, but throw the trash on the street.  The leaders insulate themselves by bypassing all the indignities of daily life. They travel in motorcades and have officials we pay for catering to their daily needs. Who is left to care? History is full of examples where disorderly societies like ours slide into anarchy and eventual collapse, until the rule of law is established by force. 

Naveen Kapur, New Delhi


Shangvi is correct about the Indian middle class being selfish  about its own security and not caring when others are harmed. But he has not placed any responsibility on the government and administration — maintaining law and order is their job, and they are paid for it. 

Kumar Rahul, Mumbai

The colour of money

Hindu Indian American Karan Thapar’s Is Britain a racist country? (January 28) correctly pointed out that UK is not racist just as India isn’t. Shilpa Shetty could have been more Gandhian in her approach but the lure of making fast buck got the better of her.

Sush Kocher, Jaipur

The Hindu Indian American

Apropos Gautam Bhatia’s Hoisting the Saffron Flag (January 28). As a Hindu living in the US, I was shocked to read how the author has manufactured facts and tried to tarnish the image of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS). HSS, inspired by the RSS, is the only Hindu organisation here working so actively to promote and preserve Hindu culture. Mayors, Congressmen attend our functions. Last year the Louisina Governor invited us to the State Capitol and thanked us for our relief efforts during the Katrina hurricane.

Santhosh Prabhu, United States


I was baffled to learn that in an advanced nation like the US some people of Indian origin are still promoting religious extremism. Religions don’t preach hatred, they advocate peace.

Saad Ullah Khan, Aligarh

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