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Wear your attitude

Hindustan Times | ByArjun Khanna, Mumbai
Dec 29, 2008 03:35 PM IST

Fashion designer Arjun Khanna solves your style queries.

I have a problem. My weight fluctuates by five kg or so every month or two. I tend to put on all this weight on my hips and end up having to buy new clothes all the time, because most of them are loose or too tight. Please help.
Ajay Ray

We all have our ups and downs. I’d recommend you hit the gym or take up a sport. This will ensure you stay in shape and keep your weight in check. Next, maintain a balanced diet. So, no more lager or pale ales. Switch to wine. If consciously adhered to, this simple plan will ensure a toned derriere and your desired set of hips.

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HT Image

My friends say that asymmetrical prints help camouflage flab. Is this true?
Dhani Gitay

That depends on how much flab we are talking about. Depending on the environment and occasion, solids may work better but asymmetrical prints dazzle the eyes and are a bit more distracting.. they take away attention from the flab. Hit the gym. Being in shape is the best fashion staple.

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I am 5 ft tall. I don’t like to wear heels.. they make my legs ache. I wear only western outfits. How can I give the impression of being a bit taller than I am?
Bharti T

There’s no guaranteed method to this madness. You could always give platforms a chance to raise the bar. However, depending on your build you could wear clothes with vertical stripes — a sweater, a shirt or an elegant flowing dress. There is also the option of enhancing your best feature, so that it becomes the centre of attention. That could be your eyes, cheek bones or even the hairdo.

I’m a TV actor. I like to wear beads, funky danglers, stick tattoos on my arm and sport wacky dresses. I believe that the jeans I wear are very different.. some call it abnormal. Mostly, I get complimented for my ‘smart dressing sense’. Still, I feel that some of my colleagues are just pulling my leg by praising me.
Jennifer S

They should wake up and smell the coffee. After all you are the star. To put things into perspective, in your line of work you shouldn’t be affected by those who pull your leg by praising your ‘smart dress sense’.

There will always be brickbats, especially in the world of fashion. Continue to carry off the look you are comfortable with. Soon you’ll have them asking you for style tips.

Mail your style queries to stylepatrol.ht@gmail.com and fashion designer Arjun Khanna will take time out to answer them, and even throw in a few extra tips.

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