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What's an orgasm?

I want to know about the ejaculation of a woman. Also, what is meant by an orgasm? Please guide me.

india Updated: Feb 16, 2006 17:01 IST


What's an orgasm?

I want to know about the ejaculation of a woman. Also, what is meant by an orgasm? Please guide me, as I am completely unaware of these sexual terms.


Hubby has changed after marriage!

Ours was a love marriage in 1997, after a steady relation for six years. Till two years after marriage everything was smooth. My hubby loved me a lot but now he has changed. He does not love me any more; he does not even care for me. I just want to know if this is normal or do I have to rethink about this? Please suggest me as to how do I win his love? I do all possible things - like cooking that he likes, wearing what he loves seeing me in. I have even adjusted to his likes and dislikes but nothing seems to be working. I am dying everyday. Please advise me. I am very sure he will never accompany me for counselling so please do not advice going to a counsellor. Help me out.


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Sex toys for pleasure

I am a 27-year-old girl staying in a hostel and having a professional career. I am not ready to get married now, as I have to take care of my old parents. I am satisfying my sexual needs by masturbating. I came to know from one of my friends that dildos are a better way to get an orgasm. Can you please let me know from where can I get them to experience real pleasure?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Sorry, I can't guide you on the sale/purchase of sex toys.


Will I get pregnant?

I have never had sex with my boyfriend in last three years until recently. We made love just after I was through with my menses. Now, I am worried if I will get pregnant! Is it possible? If yes, what should I do?


Reply From Dr. Prem Lata Chawla:
Ejaculation in or around vagina is a must for pregnancy to occur. It's very rare that pregnancy will occur from inter-femoral (in between the thighs) ejaculation. Dumb things tend to happen during deep petting leading to accidental and unwanted pregnancy. You can go for a urine test for pregnancy in case your next menstrual cycle is delayed by ten days.


First Published: Feb 16, 2006 17:01 IST