When champions fall
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When champions fall

Apropos of the report Gibbs talks, sings (October 13), it is shocking to learn of sports icons accepting money in exchange for under-performing in matches.

india Updated: Oct 14, 2006 00:13 IST

When champions fall

Apropos of the report Gibbs talks, sings (October 13), it is shocking to learn of sports icons accepting money in exchange for under-performing in matches. Gibbs is presently in India to participate in the ICC Champions Trophy. How can one believe that even these games are being played sincerely?

Ahmad Rais Siddiqi

Why only English?

With reference to Mind your language (October 7), Barkha Dutt must not forget that the primary aim of language is self-expression. Language as a means of bridging the class divide or giving us an edge in the corporate world will pale into insignificance if we spawn a generation of tongue-tied youngsters, who are uncertain of the use of English and too shy to use their mother-tongue.

Veena Naravane


English certainly has an important role to play in a globalised world. But I disagree with Barkha Dutt’s opinion about the standardisation of schools on the basis of the English language only. Schools are meant to impart knowledge and develop vision. This need not happen with the use of English alone.

Ritesh Kumar


Barkha Dutt’s article is yet another example of the slave mentality that still persists among the so-called elite of this country. She forgets that language itself is not knowledge, but a medium by which one can reach this treasure. One need not impose English on students for them to gain access to knowledge.

Yogendra Kumar Batra
via e-mail


English has practically become an Indian language. If India wants to be at par with the most influential nations in the realms of science, technology and commerce, retention of English is a must.

K Venkataraman


In a country like India, which has several recognised languages, it is not necessary that one should know English. People in many Western nations like Italy, France, Germany and Russia never speak in English, even if they know the language. We should learn to be proud of our national language.

KS Shankar

An answer to America

The Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (CNDP) condemns the nuclear test by North Korea. This will only raise nuclear tensions globally and help accelerate existing plans of the US for the construction of ballistic and theatre missile defence systems and entice other countries to take shelter under its protective umbrella.

The existing nuclear weapon States have no moral right to criticise North Korea when they themselves have rationalised their possession of nuclear weapons. It is they, and the US in particular, who bear the responsibility for the failure of the non-proliferation regime.

Praful Bidwai,
J Sri Raman, Sukla Sen


North Korea has done the right thing by conducting the nuclear test. Obviously, the US understands only the language of might. This will be a warning to the country not to treat North Korea as another Iraq.

Saad Ullah Khan


North Korea’s nuclear tests have rightly been condemned by all the major powers of the world, including India. Nuclear disarmament is the need of the hour. It is necessary to make the world a better and a safer place to live in.

Pradyut Hande

By George, what a folly

This has reference to the report Holes in George’s Kalam claim (October 12). George Fernandes has always been neck-deep in controversies such as the naval chief’s dismissal and the defence deal scam. Why was it necessary for him to drag President Abdul Kalam into the picture?

KP Rajan

No end to corruption

In the editorial Unarmed combat (October 12), you have recommended indigenous purchase of our defence requirements in order to bring in more transparency and avoid using middlemen. Yet will even this bring an end to the problem of corruption in defence deals?

Corruption is widespread in every aspect of public life in this country and will continue to stalk our defence purchases.

S Chidambaresa Iyer

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First Published: Oct 14, 2006 00:13 IST