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When work is hell

Everyone hates their jobs, be it politicians, newsreaders or reality TV contestants. Rahul Sabharwal tells why.
Hindustan Times | By Rahul Sabharwal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAY 29, 2008 11:38 AM IST

A 19-year-old flight attendant, angry at his job, was arrested in Minneapolis for setting a fire in an aeroplane bathroom. It might seem a bit extreme, but how many of us haven't felt like choking our bosses at some point?

Most hated professions

1. Traffic wardens
2. Bouncers
3. Estate agents
4. Motorcycle couriers
5. Bus drivers
6. Footballers
7. Tele-sales reps
8. PR people
9. Politicians
10.Reality TV show contestants
Source: BBC

Or felt that urge to throw in your resignation letter and go for a vacation (which, consequently you won't be able to afford). Just Google "I hate my job" and the search throws up 62,40,000 matches.

A BBC survey of the top 10 most hated professions throws up surprising results. If you thought the most hated profession would be that of a Proctologist - its not.

Number One on the list was being a traffic warden. Flapping your arms the entire day must be tough. Also on the list were politicians (I though we hated their profession, not them) and Reality TV show contestants - you'd hate it too if you were stuck in a house full of people like the cast of . What's wrong with work? So what is it about a job, that makes people hate it even if it seems like a dream come true to those on the outside?

Sanya, who works with a news channel says, "News readers have to sit glued to their seats an hour before the show starts. And as soon as the bulletin ends, everyone rushes to the bathroom. I have to wait in a long line even to take a leak."

For others, work only gets worse with time and even making truckloads of money is not ample compensation. Raj, who recently resigned from the post of a Sales Process Manager with a multinational company, says, "In this sales figure driven world, the individual and his or her demands are completely ignored."

Prateek, an engineer, says, "Hectic work schedules leave no time for a personal life. I also hate the fact that I'm stuck in a cubicle instead of doing field jobs that I love." For Rakesh Jha, an IT person, his is the worst job in the world. "All you get is complaints - this doesn't work, that doesn't work. My whole day is marked with cribbing, frustrated people."

Sounds familiar? But, no matter what the grouch, the sad truth is, we're all heading to work tomorrow.

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