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Will John pass the acid test?

John Abraham's chiselled, handsome looks well complement his acting skills, which incidentally, are substantial by any newcomer's standards.

india Updated: Aug 18, 2003 18:26 IST

Tall frame, biceps, Greek God looks and considerable acting talent too - that’s how Bollywood's current heart-throb, John Abraham’s resume reads. And amid all the publicity and hype that surrounds him right after his controversial debut film, the Pooja Bhatt produced Jism, Abraham basks in the glory that has come to him as a reward for all the hard work he has put in.

So is it another one of the models hogging his share of stardom only because he stands out as the good looking dude? Actually in the case of Abraham, it is more than that if one looks at the model-turned-actor's intense grasp of the complex almost anti-hero character he essays in Jism.

Before analysing his acting potential, let's give the actor his due – he is the first Indian male model who has proved his worth as a sensitive, powerful yet saleable star-in-the-making. Perhaps, his and a few models before him, viz., Sushmita, Aishwarya and Bipasha's performances in recent times, would help dispel the myth that models 'don't make good actors.'

It is too early to slot him in any category but Abraham's easy understanding of his role opposite a more experienced Basu's negative shades in the storyline, does make one wonder whether acting flows in his genes. The comfort and the adaptability that makes him glide through the role that demands passion, anger, obsessive love, the mean streak to be able to kill for love and the overall body language that allows him to overpower every frame he appears in, is enough for one to gauge the aptitude and makings of a good actor.

What remains to be seen is whether Abraham is as good a learner when it comes to the typical masala movies that are churned out in Bollywood. And one does look for not just action-oriented macho scenes of fights but his ability to handle the comic scenes with aplomb – not to mention the mandatory song and dance routine that mars or makes a star’s career these days.

We've just had a glimpse of a hunk emoting effortlessly before the camera. And the future looks promising. But given the new trends in Hindi films that defy the formula run scripts and cater to an elite city bred audience, this Antonio Banderas look alike could carve out a special niche for himself as the handsome actor.

He may not dance like a Govinda or have the depth of an Aamir Khan to get under the skin of any and every character, but so what? As long as he emotes with conviction, isn’t half the battle won for him?

We sure hope so. Talent like his shouldn't be wasted by the callous makers of chalu films.

First Published: Mar 10, 2003 16:23 IST