Uproar over unhealthy Maggi worries shopkeepers in Indore

The countrywide uproar over unhealthy Maggi and some states banning it have put shopkeepers in Indore in jeopardy.

indore Updated: Jun 03, 2015 22:45 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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The countrywide uproar over unhealthy Maggi and some states banning it have put shopkeepers in Indore in jeopardy.

Indore witnesses a sale of over 200 plates of Maggi a day and if the state government puts a ban on its sale, it will serve a major blow to the shopkeepers.

“I got a lot of attention because of Maggi and poha that I sell on a kiosk. If Maggi gets banned, it will off course be a blow to me. I will have to start selling another dish like pasta," said Viskas Chauhan, who runs a kiosk named LIG Café.

While Chauhan said the sale of Maggi has not dropped, another café serving exquisite dishes of Maggi said the entire controversy had started affecting their business.

“The noodles we serve in the taste and pattern of Maggi are made by us only. We do keep Maggi, but that is served only when we get a request. Ever since this controversy regarding the presence of Maggi came, we have not received even a single request for Maggi from our customers. People are too scared to consume it,” said Sapan Bhatia, owner of Food of India (FOI) situated at Manik Bagh.

Another prominent brand which sells noodles said the use of Maggi always intrigued them so they switched it since 2012 and have their own production of noodles.

“We manufacture noodles to stay away from any controversy of adulterated content," said Yash Bargale, the managing director of FYI Foods Private Limited, Indore.

He said the company has put posters in the city clarifying that the noodles they serve are not of Nestle.

“For the customer satisfaction, we will also present a lab tested report of our noodles which says that our product is healthy to eat,” he said.

Maggie samples collected

The food and drugs department in the city has collected four samples of Maggie and sent them for a lab test.

Intrigued with the recent allegation being made on the contents in Maggie, the team under the supervision of food inspector Manish Swamy collected these samples from Sudama Nagar and Snehlata Ganj.

"The news about excessive lead content in Maggie got us really intrigued and we thought why not get similar tests conducted in the city," said Swamy.
Swamy said the result was expected to arrive by Friday.

Swamy said, "Commissioner of food and safety is entitled to issue orders in this regard. If he feels that the product being served is not healthy enough, he will issue an order and ban the product completely."

He said appropriate action will be taken if any suspicious content was found in Maggie.

Moreover, raids and inspections will be carried out in the city to ensure that the order is being effectively practiced.

First Published: Jun 03, 2015 22:39 IST