The video of bear stroking a woman’s hair has gained lakhs of views.(YouTube/adlervonstahl)
The video of bear stroking a woman’s hair has gained lakhs of views.(YouTube/adlervonstahl)

Black bear sneaks up on zoo visitor, strokes her hair. Watch

The incident of bear stroking a woman’s hair took place in Chipinque Ecological Park, Mexico.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Trisha Sengupta
UPDATED ON NOV 27, 2019 12:32 PM IST

In what can be called a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, a woman’s hair was stroked by a bear when she was visiting an ecological park in Mexico. A video of the incident was captured and since being shared online, by a YouTube user, it has created quite a stir.

The 58-second-long video captures a group of tourists walking inside the park. It also shows two black bears standing a few feet away from them. Upon seeing the animals and following the advice of one of the group members, the people remain calm while the bears continue roaming the area.

In the video, one bear approaches the visitors with quite a friendly demeanour. It keeps on moving around the group and eventually stops behind two women. In a few seconds, the bear stands up and strokes the hair of one of the women.

Take a look at the thrilling video:

Since being shared on November 23, the video has gathered close to 1.7 lakh views – and the numbers are increasing. Expectedly, people dropped all sorts of comments on the post. While some were surprised, others pointed that the situation could have turned worse quickly.

“Bears are not aggressive and those that think they are the cause of bears being killed needlessly,” wrote a YouTube user. “The situation could have turned very dangerous very quickly,” commented another.

“That is like my black cat. Sitting on the couch next to me he’ll reach out to me and touch my arm telling me (demanding) he wants attention. He wants to be pet and if I don’t give enough affection he was request again by touching my arm,” wrote a third.

Following the popularity of the video, the Santa Catarina Civil Protection issued a notice for people, reports Daily Mail. “Don’t come near them, don’t bother them and keep food away. Don’t feed them or throw food at them, and please don’t hit them,” reads the notice.

Chipinque Ecological Park, where the incident took place, also asked the visitors not to photograph or video the animals.

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