This iPhone 11 cover is unique yet delicious. (representational image)(Pexels)
This iPhone 11 cover is unique yet delicious. (representational image)(Pexels)

iPhone 11 ‘case’ that’ll make you drool. Video shows why

A bizarre yet unique iPhone 11 case was made by Youtuber Matt Adler.
Hindustan Times, New Delhi | By Srimoyee Chowdhury
UPDATED ON DEC 02, 2019 07:32 PM IST

Phone cases can reveal a lot about the owner. They can be found in all hues and designs and there is something for everyone. But this special iPhone 11 cover is a bit different and delicious. Yes, you read it right. Youtuber Matt Adlard has created a bizarre yet unique iPhone case purely made of chocolate.

Adlard posted a clip of the creation of this exclusive case on Instagram.

“Is it shock resistant? No. Does it fit the phone perfectly? Debatable. It is heat proof? Absolutely not. is 100% edible so who cares about all those features anyways,” he wrote in the caption. Giving a few details about the items used he describes the making process too. “I used it to form my phone in its case, and build a reusable chocolate mould to test, I sprayed it with cocoa butter and then created a chocolate shell,” he added.

Check out the video:

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Posted on November 13, the clip has gathered over 1.8 lakh views. There were mixed reactions from netizens. While some found the idea innovative, some thought it was a bad idea to waste food. “Love this. Your artistry is unreal,” wrote an Instagram user. “Wouldn’t that melt hella quick,” asked another. “Innovative and amazing!” said the third. “What’s the point of this. It’s stupid eh?! Don’t waste all that chocolate!” wrote another.

Would you try this edible iPhone 11 case?

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